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About Us

We are travel experts who enjoy exploring new destinations in search of the most thrilling experiences. We love to experiment with new technology and test the latest travel related gadgets and apps on the market. Our mission is to improve the travel experience for everyone around us, making it easier, safer and saving money along the way.  

For us, arriving at a new place is all about meeting the locals, creating long-lasting friendships, engaging in activities and feeling part of a community. We do our best to remain ethical in our endeavor, so as to not intervene or effect the local communities, and strive to  contribute to members when possible. 

The travel industry is in a constant state of  growth and change, driven by technology and emerging trends. Through extensive research, reading and travel, we want to present our vision of how travel will evolve within the coming decade and as far into the future as the next 50 years.

What will be the next coming trend? The most exciting travel destination? The most daring travel experience? Where are the next futuristic hotels opening or new undersea restaurants? Read our recommendations to find out!

If you are a savvy spirited traveler, who wants to remain ahead of the travel trend curve, we invite you to join our community to read, watch, share and provide your insights from your latest travel experiences on our social media channels.



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