Best travel apps 2023 -The Ultimate Guide for Research, Planning and Booking

Best Travel Apps 2023 – The Ultimate Guide for Research, Planning and Booking

The entirety of your journey there and back again can be accompanied by many worries of long-term and short-term planning. But many of those worries can be easily dealt with. Planning an optimal route and avoiding pitfalls can be done with proper travel apps. An app on your phone can gather information, calculate routes, help with hotel booking and so on. Here we will take a look at some of the best travel apps that will help you before and during a voyage. Let’s get started!

Best travel apps for planning
Best travel apps for planning

The 13 best travel apps for your next trip in 2023

For Papers

Passport Photo Maker

There is hardly a border in this world that you can cross without showing an ID of some kind. And these papers must be prepared in advance, including photos for documents. If you wish to make proper images yourself, you can use a couple of useful apps. This passport photo editor is easy to use, has automatic tools (like biometric features recognition), and up-to-date templates for IDs of 130+ countries. If you’d rather use a mobile tool, you can check out this iOS app. With it, you don’t have to go to a photo studio or a photo booth, you can easily take your passport or visa photos at home. 

For Research


Tripadvisor provides information about various cities and regions, as well as highlights of what to see and do, which will add excitement to your trip.  Furthermore, once you’ve finished researching hotels or restaurants, Tripadvisor’s connection to various booking sites allows you to reserve the majority of them right away.


Yelp provides information about the quality of businesses and services. You will have access to user reviews for anything, including restaurants, shops, and rentals. People will usually back their words with photos, menus, receipts, and other visual proofs. You can also make reservations for certain restaurants and services directly through the Yelp website and app.

Rick Steves Audio Europe

Who is Rick Steves, you wonder? A travel writer with a thing or two to say about all major tourist attractions in Europe. And those things are recorded and gathered in one app for your convenience. If you are going to visit any of the European top sights, listen to what Rick has to say about it – he has seen it all and is willing to share his experience and useful information.

Best travel apps for research
Best travel apps for research

For Planning

Google Travel

Google Travel is a collection of useful resources for travelers, such as Google Flights. It does not, however, allow you to purchase tickets directly, but Google Travel is great for quickly estimating how much a flight will cost or how long it will take.  Among other things, Google Travel includes tools for researching destinations, suggested activities, and hotel reviews.


The software is exclusively available for mobile devices and offers clear recommendations on when to buy flight tickets, including notifications when the price reduces. It not only encourages you to hold off on purchasing your ticket; it also warns you when the price is likely to climb. You may also book directly via Hopper for a little commission fee.


You can use Roadtrippers to explore a map of the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico. When you find a place that interests you, simply add it to your trip, and Roadtrippers will create a route for you. This app will assist you in locating unusual roadside attractions, museums, amusement parks, campsites, restaurants, and more.

Best travel apps for booking hotels
Best travel apps for booking hotels

For Booking


Whether it’s a room in someone’s house or a magnificent seaside villa, Airbnb can help you find a place to stay for a night or longer. The website also allows visitors to book tours, courses, and workshops. And all of that is accompanied by extensive descriptions, images, and user feedback. is a website where you can book hotels, car rentals, airport taxis, tours, and attractions. It’s best known for assisting you in finding great hotel rooms all over the world that meet all of your needs at an affordable price.


Kayak is another all-encompassing vacation search engine. Kayak covers hotel stays, auto rentals, rail and bus tickets, as well as travel activities. It comes with several handy features for exploring places, depending on airfare pricing for the periods you wish to visit. However, you cannot book anything directly through it and are instead directed to other websites where you may make your trip plans. If you want to explore the available options further, you can read this hotel booking app list. 

Best travel apps for navigation
Best travel apps for navigation

For Navigation

Google Maps

Google Maps shows you where you are and how to get where you want. It is also useful for exploring points of interest in the surrounding area, such as hotels and restaurants. Hours of operation, photos, and other details are frequently included in listings. Best of all, Google Maps allows you to save maps for offline use.


Uber is a ride-hailing app that will help you move around. There are several reasons why ride-hailing apps are so popular with travelers. First and foremost, no haggling. Second, there is no need to carry local currency. Third, there is no need to speak the same language as your driver. If you care about that, there’s almost no need to speak at all.


This free traffic and road monitoring app is popular among drivers. Waze may also advise you on the optimal departure time to avoid usual traffic. While Google Maps informs you of officially stated road difficulties and traffic, Waze is aware of the finer details, such as the location of police posts and potholes.

Best Travel Apps for 2023 – The Bottom Line

Preparation for a vacation can get quite unnerving, so, if you can delegate some planning to a program and have less stuff to worry about, why not do just that? Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You can check other useful apps if you prefer to travel by car or on foot, for example, read these lists of camping apps and hiking maps apps, so you can have more choices on your table. We hope that this article helped you discover some new apps to use on your vacations. 


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