Location-Based App: How and Why Should I develop One?

Location-Based App: How and Why Should I develop One?

Roadtrippers, TripCase, Uber, Lyft, and Waze-what do they all have in common? They all are location-based apps. But what are location-based apps? They all leverage the power of the Apple Map kit and Google Maps. Location-based apps are the new trend that is getting very popular among new companies. So, if you are wondering what geolocation app development is and how you can leverage it in your business, we’ve got something for you.

Together, we will go through the steps related to location-based mobile app development and the practices you can follow to make something that hasn’t been done before.

Location-Based App: Navigation
Location-Based App: Navigation

Location-Based Apps What Are These

We are sure that once in a life, you have received this type of notification on your phone. For example, Mcdonald’s suddenly started sending popular deals that they are offering in that area. Or, Uber gives you a ride coupon when you are in Tampa, Florida. Alternatively, it can be like a fitness app sending you a deal that they are offering a discount on a cardio package.

Location-based apps allow businesses to better market their services to users who are nearby. In simple words, users can get personalized suggestions based on their location. Apps gather the data using the Wi-Fi/cell/GPS network and send popular ads that are trending in the area.

But how do these apps help a business market its deals?

Location-Based Apps- The Benefits for A Business

Before understanding how these businesses leverage the use of location-based apps, let’s take a look at what they are. Basically, there are four functions of typical location-based apps.

Information Function: This idea provides users with information about nearby products and deals

Social Function: This function knows the location of a specific user

Communication Function: The communication function allows users to leave a review about specific restaurants, gyms, and more.

Marketing Function: The marketing function enables targeted incentives and campaigns for customers

Now, let’s see how businesses leverage these functions to market their services and products better.

Provide Services

Location-based apps such as LYFT allow such companies to deliver prompt services to users. Using GPS, the app can find the pinpoint location of the user and deliver products more accurately.

Real-Time Offers

Brands can use the location of a customer to send them relevant deals and offers. With such apps, companies can better target their customers, allowing them to get the benefits of localization. Moreover, they can gather data and come up with a customized plan.

Improved UI

The user interface is one of the most important factors of any app. It can make or break the app. For example, a travel app can give details on the weather, track the route, the popular destinations in the area, and more. Similarly, a delivery app will let you place an order, track it, and get the ETA of the product.

AR Tours and Navigation

Recently, businesses have started to incorporate AR in order to give a virtual tour of the product they are offering. Such a function can be used to get the virtual tour, boost user engagement, and attract new customers.

Location-Based Apps - Real-Time Offers
Location-Based Apps – Real-Time Offers

Key Features Of Locations Based Apps

If you want to make a geolocation app, it is important to understand what kind of attributes are present in the app. Here are the features of a trending location-based application.

Map is the Main Interface

Almost in every location-based app, a Google or Apple Map is the main interaction. Users can see their real-time location, track objects, send pin locations, and more.


With location-based apps, notification is the most important feature. If you want to make an Android app that uses GPS, a notification feature should be added. With this, users can get real-time information on deals, upcoming events, and dangerous situations.


In order to simplify the searches, filters should be present when you are trying to make a GPS-based app. With this, users can filter out the essential information and will be able to get reminders.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a perfect way to get users’ attention. With this feature, users can get game points that they can avail of in terms of deals and promotions.

Geolocation App Development- The Important Steps

If you are trying to make a location-based map app, here are the steps that you should follow for the development of the geo-based app. Let’s dive into these steps.

Research The Market

Researching is the first step toward creating a successful location-based app. For that, you can start looking at geo-based apps that are already running the market. With this information, you can fill in the gaps and provide a complete solution.

Build an Idea

Using information gathered from research, enlist the features that your app will have. See how the design will set you apart from your competitors. Work on the UI and color scheme of the app. In the last, come up with a perfect solution that will help your audience in a more optimized way.

The Search for App Developer

The success of your app depends on how much capable the developer is. The market is filled with millions of developers. But selecting from that list is a big hair pull. To get a perfect developer or developing company.

Follow these steps

  • Check for the expertise required for your project
  • See the portfolio of the developers
  • Check what their previous clients are saying about them
  • Look for price and quality mix

Choosing the Technology Stack

The technology stack of your app is dependent on the platform you are using (Android, iOS, Web) and the objectives of the business. You will need the right SDK kit. For instance, in order to create maps, MAPs SDK kit and Apple MAP kit can be used.

As for UI, Flutter is the best option for creating mobile-based apps. You will also need Google Services API to locate Android devices. For adding more features, leverage the use of OpenStreetMap, MapBox, and Facebook Places.

Build the App

Now that you have everything you need, you can make a location-based map app. Gather the team together and start the coding process. This is where your developers will develop the brains of the app and will test the app.

Geolocation app development is one of those entities that can become a game changer. Such apps have a lot of benefits for a business. So, we have compiled a detailed guide on how to make a geolocation app.


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