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Top travel planning apps for 2019

Travel planning has never been easier or more accessible, with thousands of websites and apps at our fingertips. However, with more choices comes more confusion, so how do you sort out the best apps for planning your next adventure? Which ones are worth the time, and, more importantly, the memory space on your phone?

We’ve reviewed some of the best travel planning apps for 2019, perfect to simplify your trip planning, save money, and ensure you make the most of your experience. Consider downloading some of the below before setting off and take some of the stress out of your travel planning.

Best Travel Saving Apps>>

Mapify – Top Planning Travel App

Mapify is a visually appealing and easy to use app and is all about travel planning and inspiration. Use the app to create your own travel map and virtually scratch off the countries you’ve been to, share your personalized maps and photos with friends, or plan itineraries for yourself, or together with a group.


Packpoint – Best Travel Packing App

Deciding what to pack might be stressful, especially when traveling to unfamiliar areas, but Packpoint makes the process a little bit easier. It allows you to build custom packing lists, which you can save and share with others, and you can also tailor your packing list to your planned activities, like hiking or diving. Packpoint can also check the weather forecast for your trip dates, a great reminder to pack your raincoat!


Wifi Map – Must-Have Travel Wifi App

Finding wifi access is essential when travelling, especially if you’re working remotely. Wifi Map is a genius app for finding wifi, wherever you are in the world. All data is crowdsourced from users and constantly updated, making it the best app for getting connected across the globe. Play it forward by entering any great wifi spots you find into the app and help others who come after you.

Best Travel Apps For Planning A Tour In A City

 Use the best travel apps to plan your city tours

ConvertPad – Top Travel Currency App

Regular international travellers know the confusion of currency conversions. With so much variance in the world, remembering that one Indonesian rupiahs equals .000070 US dollars, for one example, and then trying to calculate on the spot, is headache inducing to most anyone. Enter ConvertPad, an intuitive and effective app for converting currencies across the world. It certainly makes it easier for shopping, withdrawing cash, or dining out. However, note this app is currently not available for iPhones.


Grab – Best Transport Apps For Asia

If you’re spending time in Southeast Asia, Grab is definitely an app to grab before setting off. Although they are planning expansions into other parts of the world, Grab can be considered the Uber of Southeast Asia. It’s a ride sharing and transportation app, founded in Singapore, with drivers screened, rated, and insured, for additional safety and peace of mind. They also offer food delivery, perfect for a night in after a long day of sightseeing.

airport travel apps

 Skyscaner gives you the overview option to choose the cheapest flights available

Skyscanner Flights– Best Metasearch For Airline Tickets

Skyscanner has long been considered one of the best websites for finding flight deals, and they’ve now made it just as easy for mobile travellers with the Skyscanner app. Users can easily search for flights and hotels, including a great feature to search by calendar, perfect for finding the cheapest flights, if you’re not limited by dates. A really fun feature is the option to search by ‘everywhere’, if you’re open to an adventure anywhere in the world!



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