5 Best Travel Saving Apps | Travel Trend Reccomandations For 2019

Have you tried these travel money savers?

The 2017 Vacation Confidence Index has found that millennial travelers spend an average of $1,373 on vacations annually, with additional research highlighting this demographic as taking more trips per year than counterpart baby boomers, although shorter in duration. The majority of those aged between 22-35-year-old prioritize travel over saving for a property, and evidence points to this market continuing to capitalize on the millennial travel fever trend.

Experience the best of both worlds in traveling on a budget yet cutting on costs where it matters with these money-saving hacks. If you need affordable equipment such as a handheld GPS for hiking, you can easily avail it online.

Grab a bargain on a hotel with Roomer, a marketplace for non-refundable hotel bookings. Travelers can purchase unwanted hotel rooms from sellers at huge discounts, in some cases a slashed price of over 70% on the original price of the hotel room. The website also offers special travel deals and is convenient for last-minute travel bookings.


pruvo saving app

Another accommodation-saver is Pruvo, designed to alert you when a cheaper deal becomes available on your hotel deal. Book a free cancellation property, send your reservation to Pruvo and the company will search for a lower price on the exact same room and amenities. Once a cheaper rate is available, simply cancel the original expensive booking and enjoy the saving!

turo one of the best travel saving apps

Millennials and the sharing economy is a trend on the rise as more products flood the market. One example is peer-to-peer car rental company Turo, which lets users book a car of their choice from a private owners listings page. Simple to use (users select their car, collect from the owner, and return with a full tank of gas at the end of the trip), user can save up to 35% compared to the cost of using rental companies. Turo works in over 5,500 cities with over 270,000 listed vehicles on hand.


The ideal accompaniment to Turo is GasBuddy, a GPS-based application which directs you to a gas station with the best real time lower-price gas, saving you dollars to spend elsewhere.

The app has over 140,000 gas stations across the US, Canada and Australia and also offers drivers the option of its Pay with GasBuddy annual subscription ($79 for the first year), saving drivers 20 cents per gallon on the first 40 gallons per month, and then 5 cents per gallon thereafter.


Save on the cost of group tours and download TourPal, an audio guiding app available in major cities across the globe. The multi-language platform (including English, French, German, Arabic, Korean and Russian) app works without internet or 3G connection, and lists tours created by professional tour guides. The ‘personal guide in your pocket’ will take you on an adventure to all the must-see attractions each city has to offer.


Finally, if group travel is more your forte, Topdeck Travel is an excellent money saving tour operator for booking trips lasting days, month or even a gap year. With worldwide destinations on the horizon for all types of travel experiences, the company is targeting the millennial market with ‘off the beaten path trips’ incorporating freedom of travel, transport, accommodation and food. Check their ongoing deals and promotions to snag a last-minute bargain.

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    1. These recommendation are some of the best travel apps out there. I have used quite a few of them and they are amazing!

    2. It’s really helps using these travel hacks apps. You can save yet enjoy and get the most out of your vacation.

    3. Such amazing saving hacks for any traveler these are! I will definitely be installing all of these apps.

    4. I think these are the absolute must have apps if you’re planning to save money on travel. I appreciate your sharing this 🙂

    5. Great job highlighting the vital travel trends 2019. I’m very glad I bumped into your article 🙂

    6. This idea is wonderful, I will give a try on my next travel… Thanks for this info, knowledge is power

    7. These apps definitely make life easier. I love the free cancellation deals, ongoing promotions and bilingual settings. I could these apps setting some huge travel trends in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    8. Our family traveled and have tried top deck. It was great since it is best suited for travelling in big groups. It was easy to use even for 11 people on the trip.

    9. I used top deck when my family traveled last year. It was great since it specializes on group bookings. It was a great travel thanks to this great app and I think this is a really must have apps especially when traveling abroad with your family.

    10. My area is not that advance yet to have services like these but we are indeed catching up. After all travel trends transcends distance let alone culture. Going digital for everything is just normal now.

    11. Wow, these are lovely apps to save money. I would really go for GasBuddy this will really save money on gas which is what everyone love to use. Unfortunately, this can’t work for now with my locality.

    12. These saving apps are the real deal for those that really want to cut cost like me. I just love the sound of it. Money is hard to make and it’s usage should be strict too.

    13. I have never used this saving apps before…when it comes to going on vacation,I travel on a budget and this article is really informative..a lot of travelers will find this useful

    14. Topdeck Travel seems like a cool travel operator. I hope there are more travel savers like this. We all need such apps to save money when travelling. Thanks for sharing.

    15. Awesome ideas! Renting cars directly from the owners will definitely save time, money and effort. These savings apps are worth for all millennial travellers.

    16. These international travel apps are very convenient for people like me, I hope I can use them for my next trip.

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