Trip planner apps | 9 best FREE IOS travel apps [2020]

Trip planner apps: Best FREE IOS travel apps for 2020

Its 2020, who needs a travel agent when you have a smartphone on your side. It not only allows you to communicate but makes it easier for you to connect anytime, anywhere. Your smartphone is more like your modern travel agent. Learn everything you need to know about the best ios trip planner apps.

More specifically if you an Apple user then you must know that the company offers a bunch of iOS applications that are free of cost. These user-friendly apps work smoothly and allow you to have a seamless experience. You can book flights, accommodations, reserve seats and even book a ride from the palm of your hand.

These smart travel apps are super-efficient. From booking a hotel room to managing your itineraries, it makes traveling easy. So, next time when you plan a trip, simply look for a traveling app in your App Store.

In case you don’t have much time to find an app that offers a variety of features then here are some best travel apps to make your next vacation hassle-free. These apps will help you beat the traffic, avoid flight delays and find a safe place to stay.




Trip planner apps: Top 9 IOS apps



Uber is the most popular app that allows you to book a cab in instants. You can use it for free on your iPhone. Also, Uber offers the most secure cab services for you to have a comfortable experience at an affordable cost. From business to economic, you can pick your desired ride and travel wherever you want.

The best part about this application is that you don’t have to carry international currencies while traveling but you can simply use your credit/visa or master card to pay off your fare.


From the country’s location to the cities and real-time updates regarding travel alerts, Tripwise helps you with smart access across the globe. You can find emergency service numbers, accommodation and book your flight. It also allows you to keep track of your flight in case it got canceled or delayed for some reason. Along with that, you can even use it as a translator as it translates more than 15 languages.

Tripwise real time update
Tripwise real-time update


Waze makes navigation easier for you. Now, you can rent a car and use Waze to travel to a new place. Without worrying about forgetting the routes, you can simply reach your destination. Undoubtedly, this app has been helping drivers and travelers to reach their destination by following the safe and traffic-free routes. It doesn’t matter in which city or country you are, Apple users can freely access Waze anywhere in the world.

Not this only but you can also find the nearest fuel pump or gas station on a road trips. It’s smart, easy-to-use and comes with voice-enabled navigation to help you understand the routes. You can even track the routes with less traffic and look for free parking which comes very handy especially when you are traveling.

WAZE helps travelers reach their destination
WAZE helps travelers reach their destination


If you haven’t heard of Yelp before then here is thing that makes it super-smart. Yelp is a free app that runs on every iOS device. In the country full of unknown people and places, Yelp allows you to look for places when you can dine, shop, chop, relax and party. From fancy to affordable options, you can look for anything. You can even filter your search by distance, rating, neighborhood, price, etc. and decide on genuine reviews.



You don’t want to run out of gas on a road trip. But what if you do? In that scenario, GasBuddy can help you find a gas station near you. All you need to do is use your GPS location or look for the nearest gas station by entering the address or zip code. GasBuddy will show you the latest searches based on the rates, distance, and reviews.


Do you need help with packing before your next trip begins? Is packing still a hurdle for you to cross? If yes, then you should prepare a list of all the essential items that you might need during the next trip.

In case preparing a list sounds too traditional and time-consuming then you should try PackPoint which is ideal to save your time and efforts while packing for your next trip. It provides you a checklist of travel essentials that you need to pack for your trip.

All you need to do is create a trip profile by entering your destination and add the length of stay and purpose of travel. Once you add these details, the app will create a list of essential items that you will need for your trip. With this app, you don’t have to look through so many things and go crazy while packing your stuff. It allows you simply pick up the relevant things and pack it up. 

3 more trip planner apps


Do you want to keep a track of the fares for your upcoming flights? Well, Hopper does the exact thing.

It keeps an eye on the flight fares and keeps you posted with that. In this way, you can stay updated and book your next plane tickets. Hopper even predicts the rise and decline in fare for max 6 months so you can plan your next trip according to the rates. Along with that, it offers the same facilities for the hotel so you can find the nearest hotel at an affordable price.

Hopper the best AI trip planner app
Hopper the best AI travel planning app


When you are traveling, language is the biggest barrier that you wish to overcome. You cannot learn a new language every time when you visit a new place. This is why you need an application that can help you understand other’s languages to communicate. iTranslate is available on iOS for free and allows you to speak into your smartphone. Because when you do that, your iPhone translates the word you’re your native language that you can easily understand. With over 90 different languages, iTranslate makes it easier for you to travel and communicate in the new city.


Among a bunch of online hotel apps available on the app store, HotelTonight focuses on offering quality services at an affordable cost. It enables the traveler to bargain before settling the deal. This app has a smart user-interface that makes it easier for people to search nearby hotels on the map. From luxurious hotels to the economic ones, it helps you find a hotel within 10 seconds. Also, you can access HotelTonight on iOS for free.



These trip planning apps are great if you are planning to travel soon. Also, they are available for free on iOS so you can efficiently use them for booking flights, reserving seats or more.

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