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Solar Energy Gadget: Portable Solar Charger Waterproof Cell Phone Power Bank
Katie Dundas

Top solar-powered gadgets for travelers

Sometimes you just want to get off the grid. Whether you’re camping, hiking in remote locations, or just on a day trip, you’re likely to run into the dilemma of wanting to disconnect from the world while traveling, but still stay connected enough have access to power for charging your tech or lighting up your tent.

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Digital Nomads Best Packing Guide
Travel Trends
Katie Dundas

Packing Guide for Digital Nomads

Being smart with your choices and ensuring you have all necessary tools at your disposal will set you off on the right step to work and travel at your best.

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Bay boats cape town
Travel Trends
Katie Dundas

Why digital nomad retreats are a travel trend to watch

Digital nomad retreats, or co-working retreats, are increasingly growing in popularity, with more and more companies offering this as a travel experience. Flexible in nature, attendees can join for a set amount of time, generally two weeks or a month, and split their days between working together, networking and learning, and traveling throughout the destination.

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