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Cruise-Ship Suites 2020
Leoni Jesner

The 5 most over-the-top cruise-ship suites for 2019/20

As with most forms of the travel, it’s the unique experiences that make our vacation more memorable. With this in mind, new cruise liners are competing with more luxurious and innovative accommodations that ever, from suites and penthouses to duplexes and villas.

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New cruise ships for 2019
Leoni Jesner

New cruise ships for 2019 and beyond

Having experienced a whopping 20 percent rise in demand since 2012, cruise companies are working around the clock to expand their fleets and construct new innovative designs – forward thinking in style, function and on board entertainment.

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Travel Trends
Leoni Jesner

Simple tips to reduce your travel carbon footprint

A report by scientific journal Nature Climate Change estimates that tourism accounts for around 8% of international greenhouse gas emissions, with aviation contributing largely to this issue given the industry’s excessive levels of air pollutants. This creates implications for our future environment and impacts climate change.

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Millennial travel - best apps
Leoni Jesner

9 useful apps for millennial travelers | [2020] Guide

According to Statista, over two million apps are ready for download from the Apple store alone, with a huge selection for the travel market. For the young savvy traveler of today, here’s the top nine apps you need for staying on track, saving money and discovering local secrets.

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Etihad economy
Leoni Jesner

Evaluating low-cost vs traditional airlines

Low-cost airlines began revolutionizing the airline market in the 1970s, a time when new airlines launched competitively low prices in a strategic move to capitalize on a wider customer base. The first airline to disrupt the market was Pacific Southwest Airlines, which undercut its main competition by offering flights with dramatic price differences. In a relatively short timeframe, an influx of low-cost carriers dominated a significant chunk of the lucrative market, which has generated tremendous momentum as more budget airlines enter the network.

Traditional airlines are therefore facing increased threat of competition, forcing them to reposition and rethink pricing, services, products and even marketing models in a battle to maintain market share.

Although arguably more cost effective, point to point carriers have a reputation for hidden costs, charging for add on services and flying less impressive planes. So how do low-cost airlines compare to an economy seat on the world’s most renowned airlines?

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Portable Wireless Charger
Leoni Jesner

Gadgets for the millennial traveler

The millennial traveler is dynamic, on the constant move exploring new territories and documenting each unique moment along the way. Whether in the sky, on the road, or traveling by foot, the latest travel gear will enhance the adventure, so you can hit the ground running.

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