Royal Caribbean 2021
Travel Trends
Uri Sharon

Looking ahead to the future with Royal Caribbean’s 2021 season

Royal Caribbean Cruises announced a global suspension of cruising March 14 that will run at least through April 11 as the global coronavirus crisis wreaks havoc throughout the tourism industry.  Chairman and CEO Richard Fain said in a video message to travel agents that it’s probably going to take months for things to get back to normal, so in the meantime, while we are all landlocked, let’s sail into the future and wet our imagination with some of things in store for 2021.

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Vegan vacation guide
Travel Trends
Laura Louise Bell

Vegan vacation best guide for [2020]

When you’re travelling, it’s a great idea to earmark some good eateries before you go, so you know where you can get the best vegan food in the city. I often use websites such as HappyCow to find local vegan options – this is a really great way to browse all of the restaurants around you, and check out their menu and pricing before you commit to it. Recently, I’ve visited some cities with absolutely incredible vegan restaurants, so I’ve collated some of my favourites in this post for the ultimate vegan vacation.

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4 Must-Do Pilgrim Trails
Travel Trends
Shai Yagel

Pilgrim Trails new guide for [2020] | 4 spiritual treks

Adventure tourism is booming, as one of the fastest growing segments in tourism with hiking, biking and even caving or skydiving becoming a stranded in travel planning. But why not go one step further and combine adventure and nature with a spiritual experience that will stay with you long after you are back in the office?

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Rome2Rio against Google Travel
Travel Trends
Uri Sharon

Rome2rio against Google travel tools [2020] review | Which tool is better?

The cockroach against the giant. Will beat in a head in head battle Google Flights, Google Maps, and Google Hotel Meta-Search? Will Rome2Rio give better value using its travel search engine and even save costs on your next travel in comparison to the Google travel planning and booking tools?
Rome2Rio against GOOGLE – Conclusion
Google’s mission statement is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. My conclusion to the article is that the cockroach beat the giant in its own game. Rome2rio is a better travel search engine than the 3 google products it run against. Rome2rio thinks about the person who is looking to make the travel plans. The options, prices and routes are presented clearly enabling the traveler to make an informed decision based on all options. On the other hand Google Flights and Google Hotel Meta-Search beat in the hotel price and Skyscanner in the flight price. This only comes to show that Google uses its search engine capabilities to find the best deal. It immediate presence at the top of the page will lead to growing numbers of users that will opt for Google at the expense of the and Skyscanner and Expedia.
So in a nutshell – Rome2rio is a better comprehensive planning and booking tool, Google is cheaper.

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Skyscanner Review 5 Reasons to Book Flights with Skyscanner
Travel Trends
Ayelet Shuber

Skyscanner Review [2020]: 5 Reasons to Book Flights with Skyscanner

While there are a wealth of travel booking websites out there, it’s also true that some sites are just better; they offer cheaper options and have more useful features than others. Still, between the multiple available aggregators and online travel agent portals (OTPs), just the process of booking a flight can seem to sometimes drag on indefinitely as travelers search site after site for the best deals. In fact, some industry reports estimate that travelers look at an average of 38 travel booking sites before booking their travel. That’s a lot of time and websites for just one flight!

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