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Digital Nomads Best Packing Guide
Travel Trends
Katie Dundas

Packing Guide for Digital Nomads

Being smart with your choices and ensuring you have all necessary tools at your disposal will set you off on the right step to work and travel at your best.

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Travel Trends
Leoni Jesner

Simple tips to reduce your travel carbon footprint

A report by scientific journal Nature Climate Change estimates that tourism accounts for around 8% of international greenhouse gas emissions, with aviation contributing largely to this issue given the industry’s excessive levels of air pollutants. This creates implications for our future environment and impacts climate change.

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Bay boats cape town
Travel Trends
Katie Dundas

Why digital nomad retreats are a travel trend to watch

Digital nomad retreats, or co-working retreats, are increasingly growing in popularity, with more and more companies offering this as a travel experience. Flexible in nature, attendees can join for a set amount of time, generally two weeks or a month, and split their days between working together, networking and learning, and traveling throughout the destination.

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Best Places to Visit

7 city escapes for your 2019 travel calendar

As the travel industry continues its upward growth trend, and as traveler budgets increase and new airline routes are launched, the curiosity to explore new destinations remains on trend. In fact, TrekkSoft has revealed that around 45% of travelers have a bucket list in mind with most venturers in search of discovering something new.

According to insight and research from industry experts, these cities are projected to be some of the most popular to visit in 2019.

Copenhagen, Denmark
As a cultural center design, with delicious dining and striking architecture, Denmark’s capital is experiencing a revival. Aside from its Michelin-starred restaurants, green landscape and accessibility, the city of “hygge” (a Norwegian word for the feeling of coziness) offers a rich cultural history – being home to the oldest monarchy globally, spectacular museums and fashionable shopping districts, and having a long-standing jazz scene with packed out clubs across the city.

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