Cruise Bookings are Rising Fast for 2021 | Carnival cruise credit offers

Cruise Bookings are Rising Fast for 2021 | Carnival cruise credit offers

Things were not looking great for the cruise industry at the beginning of March with bookings significantly down compared to last year. The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the cruise industry and Carnival Cruises wasn’t spared.

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Future Cruise Credit Program Helps Increase Carnival Cruises Bookings

However, as the month of March continued, promising signs started to emerge. About 45% of the guests seeking compensation for a lost cruise have accepted a future credit instead of cash. Bookings have also been on the rise for 2021.

UBS analysts reported that booking volume for next year cruises has “gone up 9 percent in the last 30 days versus the same time last year,” 

Carnival Cruises is offering a 100% future cruise credit and an onboard credit of $300 for five days or less and $600 for cruises of six days or less for those skipping the cash refund. The cruise credit can be used on any cruise departing between 12/31/2020 and 12/31/2022.


Carnival cruise credit offers for 2021
Carnival cruise credit offers for 2021


The future cruise credit program is certainly contributing to more bookings for 2021. It’s not the only reason bookings are up for the cruise industry, however. Discounted packages and lower up-front deposits have enticed cruisers to book trips for 2021 and even 2022 with Carnival Cruises.

While a date for a return to the water is uncertain for Carnival Cruises, this sudden interruption may lead to packed cruise ships in 2021. Currently, the company has suspended all cruises through May 11, 2020, with many specific ships and ports suspended much longer.

Carnival cruise credit offers for 2021

A high percentage of guests with trips planned with Carnival Cruises after March 6, 2020, are choosing a future Carnival cruise credit and booking a trip for 2021 or 2022. These bookings, along with new bookings coming in due to special promotions may be exactly what Carnival Cruises needs to stay afloat and return to prosperity.

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