Carnival’s Costa to debut new flagship Costa Toscana in Brazil

Carnival’s Costa to debut new flagship Costa Toscana in Brazil

Carnival Corporation’s Italian brand Costa Cruises will debut its new flagship the Costa Toscana in Brazil, the company announced today.

The announcement came as Costa Cruises resented its programs for the 2021-2022 season in South America during an online conference led by Dario Rustico, the brand’s general manager for Central and South America.

In addition to the debut of the flagship Costa Toscana, the Costa Favolosa will extend her season to almost five months.

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 Costa Toscana: Costa Cruises most innovative ship

“The arrival of Costa Toscana is a historic moment for Costa Cruises, for the entire cruise industry and for Brazil,” said Rustico.  “The debut in Brazil of our most innovative ship strengthens the special 72-year long bond between Costa Cruises and South America. Costa Toscana promises to be a highly popular attraction in 2022, enabling our guests to enjoy memorable experiences, five-star dining, high-tech entertainment, and the pure joy and relaxation that comes with being on the open sea.”

Costa Toscana is currently under construction at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland. With gross tonnage of over 180,000 tons and more than 2,600 staterooms, including a new cabin category with balcony and terrace, she is the sistership to the recently introduced Costa Smeralda.

The inaugural cruise of Costa Toscana will include New Year’s Eve, as it will depart from Santos on 26 December 2021 for a seven-night holiday to Salvador and Ilhéus, returning to Santos on January 2, 2022.

From  January 2 to April 10,  2022, Costa Toscana will offer another 15 cruises with the same itinerary, with embarkation in Santos and Salvador. The 15 cruises also include Carnival and Easter departures. The latter will be the last tour of the ship before the Brazil-Italy crossing, departing from Santos on 17 April 2022.

Costa Favolosa to cruise 144 days in South America
Costa Favolosa to cruise 144 days in South America

Costa Favolosa to cruise 144 days in South America

Starting 20 November 2021, Costa Favolosa will be cruising in South America for 144 days, almost five months, the longest season in the history of Costa Cruises in the region. The ship will offer five cruises, from three to six nights, calling at Búzios, Salvador, Ilhabela and Balneário Camboriú, with embarkation from Santos.

From 13 December 2021 to April 2022, Costa Favolosa will depart from Rio de Janeiro for her traditional “Prata” itinerary. A total of 15 eight-night cruises will be available, with embarkation – for the first time – in Itajaí, in addition to Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Costa holidays in the Prata region also include Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Carnival. This itinerary will allow guests to visit destinations, such as the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Ilhabela, Itajaí, Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Costa Favolosa’s New Year’s itinerary will maintain her traditional New Year’s Eve stop at Copacabana beach and its fireworks display.

The 2021-2022 season will also be marked by the Italy-Brazil and Brazil-Italy crossings on board Costa Favolosa. These cruises allow tourists to visit different places in the world at once. Departing from Savona on  November 2,  2021 for an 18-night tour, Costa Favolosa will visit the charming destinations of Marseille, Barcelona, Malaga, Casablanca and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in addition to the Brazilian cities of Recife, Salvador, Ilhéus and Rio de Janeiro. Her return cruise to Europe will start on April 16,  2022 from Rio de Janeiro for a 15-night voyage calling at Salvador, Maceió, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Malaga and Barcelona before reaching Savona on  May 1,  2022.

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