MSC 125% Future Cruise Credit | Cruise Industry is Bouncing Back

MSC 125% Future Cruise Credit | Cruise Industry is Bouncing Back

While the cruise industry has suffered greatly due to COVID-19, cruise bookings for 2021 are on the rise. In fact, according to UBS analysts booking volume for next year cruises has “gone up 9 percent in the last 30 days versus the same time last year,” 

MSC halting of operation and future cruise credit

At the end of March, MSC announced they were extending the fleet-wide halting of operations until May 29, 2020. Due to the extension, the company is offering guests the option to cancel their cruise for a full refund or receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit for any cruise departing before the end of 2021.

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Cruise Deals Help Increase MSC Bookings for 2021

Cancellations in 2020 are providing some of the bump in bookings for 2021. MSC also offers many cruise deals designed to entice vacationers for 2021, such as the World Cruise 2021 package which includes 52 destinations across 30 countries.

The future is still very uncertain, but for a company many believed would be in big trouble due to COVID-19, things are looking up. While the cruise industry wasn’t included in the U.S. relief bill, bookings are up for 2021, which is certainly a good sign.

MSC offers future cruise credit for 2021
MSC offers future cruise credit for 2021

The actual date for MSC to begin cruising again is still unknown. Even with operations suspended until May 29th, it could be even longer before cruise ships hit the open waters again. When they do, vacationers can expect steeply discounted fares, which will likely drive up the demand for cruises in 2021 even further.

MSC isn’t looking too far into the future to increase their bookings, however. Recently, the company announced a reduced deposit amount of just $49 per person for all new bookings made between April 6 and June 30, 2020. They have even opened new itineraries for booking to tempt travelings into making future plans.

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