Royal Caribbean trademarks antivirus “Seaface” protective mask

Royal Caribbean trademarks antivirus “Seaface” protective mask

You’ve seen the movie Scarface, well now Royal Caribbean presents “Seaface”

The cruise line’s parent company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd has filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its own brand of sanitary facial masks trademarked “Seaface.” The application was filed April 8, but was only revealed earlier this week in a report on the unofficial Royal Caribbean fan blog. The trademark lists “Seaface” as a “medical apparatus” to be used for “virus isolation” and “cruise ship purposes.” The company paid a total of $450 for the application.

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After Corona Cruise Guidelines

The move comes as cruise lines prepare for life after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention lifts its no-sail order put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it is not yet known when that order will be lifted, the CDC is expected to put in place various guidelines for mitigating the risk of the spread of the virus on ships when cruise lines return to business.

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Royal Caribbean blog also reports that Royal Caribbean Ltd. has filed for additional trademarks, including “EMUSTER” a trademark for an electronic muster drill. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that a muster drill must be conducted by ship within 24 hours of departure. The drill requires all guests to gather in groups in designated muster stations on the deck so as to know where and how to board lifeboats – and how to put on lifejackets – in the event of an emergency.

This, the blog notes, requires large groups of passengers to gather together in what would be a violation of social distancing rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus that will likely be kept in place once the no-sail order is lifted. No explanation was provided as to how an electronic muster drill would work.

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Health Screening for Passengers

As we have already speculated, post-coronavirus measures could include more stringent health screening for passengers, both pre-cruise, on embarkation, and onboard; possibly even onboard virus testing; stricter and more frequent sanitization of public areas; more advanced onboard medical facilities; better air filtration systems; capacity limits on dining rooms, theaters and entertainment venues, and perhaps fewer passengers on board.

Meanwhile, once cruising resumes the world will once again be yours, but if you’re traveling Royal Caribbean you might just have to put on your “Seaface.”

UPDATE 15 JUNE 2020 – Royal Caribbean Dumps Plans For Seaface Antiviral Mask


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