Silver Whisper: Take a Journey with the World’s Greatest Travel Writers

Silver Whisper: Take a Journey into the Imagination with Some of the World’s Greatest Travel Writers

Luxury cruise line Silversea makes Tale of Tales anthology available for download 

Ever imagined what it’s like to take a cruise around the world on a luxury liner?

What sights, flavors and experiences one takes in; what friendships and relationships develop, what stories are told, and what understandings are gained during 132 days at sea.

In 2019, Silversea Cruises, Silver Whisper, embarked on a voyage across the globe taking on board 10 renowned creatives – travel writers, novelists, adventurers, a chef, a photographer, cultural figures – each documenting a segment of the journey in their own unique way.

Silversea has now made an anthology of stories and images from that journey, The Tale of Tales, named after its 2019 world cruise, available for free download.  

Jude Deveraux; Paul Theroux; Pico Iyer; Steve McCurry; Laksmi Pamuntjak; Sophy Roberts; Tahir Shah; Harold Koda; Saroo Brierley and Jeremiah Tower are the contributors to this inspiring travel collection. 

Deep Blue 

Pico Iyer embarked  in San Francisco at the start of the voyage and travelled to Papeete in Tahiti. Considered one of the greatest living travel writers, Iyer contributed a story titled “Found at Sea” in which he recounts the tales shared and created on a voyage seemingly going nowhere across the deep blue expanses of the Pacific. 

“Being part of Silversea’s World Cruise in 2019 was definitely one of the highlights of my recent life. I felt lucky to be the first of the “Tellers of Tales” on the five-month journey, but I quickly realized that I was on a vessel rich with stories: most of the fellow travelers I met had been to places I had barely heard of […] and every encounter brought up rich new tales and prospects for adventure,” said Iyer. “Perhaps the greatest beauty of the tour was to see that everyone has more tales to tell than one could ever imagine. I boarded the ship as a “Teller of Tales”—someone who has long made his living by writing about my adventures—but I left the ship as an audience of tales, with a long new list of places to go to.”

Saroo Brierley, the author of  A Long Way Home,  his remarkable personal story, later adapted into an Oscar-nominated film—Lion, travelled from Papeete to Sydney, writing five vignettes on the beauty of travel, titled “Five Discoveries.” 

Joining the journey from Sydney to Benoa, Bali was Harold Koda, the former Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, among the most prestigious figures of the New York fashion world. Koda reflects on the choreographed nature of sightseeing in “Komodo.”

Silversea Cruise | Around The World In 167 Days

Silver Whisper – A tale of marvel and wonder

Bilingual Indonesian novelist, poet, food writer, and journalist Pamuntjak travels with the Silver Whisper from Bali to Tokyo, writing “The Truest Note” a poetic reflection on her journey.

Celebrated photographer Steve McCurry joins the journey in Tokyo, sailing to Singapore, presenting stunning images from onboard and from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Vietnam – all shot with rich, vivid textures, steeped in color, soul stirring, capturing the essence of travel.

In Singapore. world-renowned chef  Jeremiah Tower,  “The father of American Cuisine,” joins the journey on its leg to Africa. In “In Style and On My Own Terms” Tower delights over street stall dumplings in Singapore and crab curry in Sri Lanka, “the best curry” he ever had. 

American travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux embarks the Silver Whisper in Mombasa, Kenya and writes a tale of marvel and wonder in the “The Magic Carpet, the Fabled Egg and the Elephant Bird”  that takes place as the voyage continues along the African coast to Cape Town. 

“Gliding along the coast of Africa aboard Silver Whisper, I smiled and thought of my experience in travel writer’s hype ‘Magic Carpet’! But then we docked in the northwest corner of Madagascar, and I truly became Sinbad the sailor, as I encountered the fabulous egg,” said Theroux. “This book is a collection of fabulous – and fun, and tasty, and life-altering – experiences.”

Silver Whisper cruising
Silver Whisper cruising

 Love of romance and travel onboard the Silver Whisper

In Cape Town, award winning British writer and journalist Sophy Roberts joins the journey to Lisbon, Portugal, weaving an eerie story of fate, reflected upon from the Silver Whisper in “The Widower’s Tale.” 

Morocco-based British author Tahir Shah comes on board in Lisbon for the short journey to London, writing an intriguing short story of love of romance and travel, “The Magic of Agatha C” which references Agatha Christie’s iconic murder mystery Death on the Nile. 

One last reflection on the journey comes from best-selling author and cruise aficionado Jude Deveraux, who marvels in sheer delight at being on a cruise with two of her biggest heroes, Harold Koda and Steve McCurry.

A Tale of Tales is available for download here. 

Silversea will host another Tale of Tales cruise in 2022 departing from Fort Lauderdale on a 137 day voyage passing through 69 ports and 32 countries before disembarking in Copenhagen. 

The North-South spans parallels 65°S to 65°N, from Antarctica all the way up to Iceland. 

See the world like never before as you experience a stunning range of cultures, climates and environments, all in one fantastic journey. This singular itinerary weaves together a story of magnificently contrasting destinations, from Turkey to South Africa, from South Georgia Island to the Seychelles. And like any great story the voyage will take place in chapters, just like our 2019 Tale of Tales world cruise, a resounding success. In 2022, each segment will bring onboard a world-renowned Special Guest who will spark your imagination, give voice to your curiosity, and accompany you as you explore the world and become the main character of your very own Tale of Tales.

For more on the 2022 Tale of Tales world cruise, visit Silversea destinations.


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