9 Must-Have Gadgets for Comfortable and Hassle-Free Trips

9 Must-Have Gadgets for Comfortable and Hassle-Free Trips

Whether you travel often or occasionally and for business or pleasure, long trips can get uncomfortable. That’s because you’re away from home and unconnected to your everyday surroundings and comforts. You can’t take your whole house with you, but thankfully, there are lots of gadgets available that allow you to take along items to make your time away from home less challenging while still packing light.  Check out this list of 9 very cool things for more comfortable and hassle-free traveling. 

 Comfortable and Hassle-Free Trips
Comfortable and Hassle-Free Trips

9 Must-Have Gadgets for your next trip:

1. Tile Trackers

Misplacing things like your keys or phone can be frustrating. Eliminate wasting time looking for items with Tile Trackers. These little squares attach directly to items large and small from luggage to keys. They use Bluetooth technology and a free app on Android or iOS to sound an alert so you find your purse, wallet, and more. Misplaced your phone? Tile Tracker will ring it, even if it’s on silent. 

2. Handheld Massager

Take a soothing massage along with you on the road or in the air. Hand-held devices like one of these massage guns use acoustic therapy to warm up and cool down muscles before or after exercising. All it takes is a few minutes to relieve sore muscles. Use one on your aching back or neck after sitting too long on a plane or in a car. And if you engage in outdoor adventures like skiing or hiking on your trip, the massage gun is a must. 

3.  Universal Adapter

An all-in-one universal adapter helps make your international travels hassle-free. It eliminates the problem of non-matching plug points as well as the need for extensions. And in today’s high-tech world it’s a basic need to stay connected, especially when you travel for business. Adapters such as the Conair works in more than 150 countries. It provides you with three outlets and a USB slot for a trouble-free trip. 

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

Travel Gadgets - Noise Canceling HeadphonesBlock out unwanted noises such as snoring passengers or crying babies with noise-canceling headphones. Eliminating chaos and noise will help you be in a more pleasant state of mind once you reach your destination. Several top-notch companies like Bose and Blaupunkt offer different versions so you can find the ones best suited for you. Choose from wireless Bluetooth or wired headphones that allow you to take advantage of in-flight entertainment. 

5. Travel Pillow

From sleeping on a plane to napping between festivities, a travel pillow adds comfort to any trip and eliminates having a sore neck upon arrival.  Travel pillows come in different shapes and styles. Look for one that’s firm enough to provide support and holds up your chin to prevent head-nodding. Other specifications to look for include ones that pack down a bit and have a machine-washable cover. 

6. Sleep Mask

Sleep MaskFeel rested and at your best while traveling by using a sleep mask. It will block out light for total darkness, triggering your brain to produce melatonin. They’re a must-have for napping on planes, trains, and buses.  Sleep masks have been around for a long time of course, but these days they’re a whole new animal. You can find them with all sorts of enhanced technology from ones with scents that help put you to sleep to ones with a sunset and sunrise tone to signal sleep and wake times. 

7. Compression Socks or Tights

Compression socks or tights while traveling can be a life-saver. Literally. They help the circulation of blood in your legs and keep your feet from “falling asleep.” This will lower the chance of serious symptoms such as blood clots from sitting too long. Seriously consider using them seriously if you fly or drive on long trips frequently. 

8. Smart Shoe Insoles

Along with chilly airplane rides, sitting too long can also cause poor circulation resulting in cold feet. Eliminate the problem with a pair of Smart Shoe Insoles. Wireless and rechargeable, they fit inside your shoes and can be regulated by amping up or reducing the temperature. Additionally, Smart Shoe Insoles use a combination of motion and pressure sensors that will keep your feet from getting tired on all those walking tours. 

9. Scrubba Wash Bag Portable Washing Machine

Dirty clothes are no fun. Sitting in a laundromat in an unfamiliar city isn’t either. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a pocket-sized bag that works as a portable washing machine. It’s compact and can be taken anywhere. All you need is about four liters of water and a dollop of detergent. The interior modernized old-fashioned washboard will clean your clothes in about three minutes. Just hang them to dry. 




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