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It is summertime and you are planning to go to the beach. Make a short stop at Amazon for these 5 best beach accessories:

1. The Power Source Self-Help Book

This summer I have really enjoyed taking a good self-care book to the beach. It’s a chance for me to really take time to regroup, be inspired and leave feeling motivated. A beach vacation is a great place to set new intentions for when you get home, somehow the salt air makes your mind clearer! Plus a self-care book will bring new knowledge and understanding about what is weighing us down physically and mentally and will take you on a journey to become the best version of yourself. A good book also makes a perfect break from all the digital we are exposed to on a daily basis will be my first best beach accessories choice.

The Power Source: Lauren Roxburgh
The Power Source: The Hidden Key to Ignite Your Core, Empower Your Body, Release Stress, and Realign Your Life by Lauren Roxburgh

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2. Essential Beach Gadget – Luxtude Ultra Portable Charger

We all love capturing those special moments and experiences during our travels and sharing them with our loved ones on the other side of the globe. However, the thought of our device dying midway through the day is pretty stressful! Portable charges are one of those essentials when traveling and at the beach. Streaming, editing, communicating, and sharing is something I need to do as my profession so when I explore different parts of the world, it feels like a missed opportunity to notice my phone is on less than 10% midway through the day. By bringing a portable charger with you, you can focus on what matters instead of where you can find the nearest charging station! Being prepared completely eliminates the stress of needing to carry various electronics during your travels. I love taking a portable charger to the beach with me so I can use the opportunity of downtime to recharge not only myself but also my phone! I love this one because of it’s cute Rose Gold color which matches everything as well as looking really discrete and stylish.

One of Our Top Best Beach Accessories: Luxtude Ultra Slim Portable Phone Charger
One of Our Top Best Beach Accessories: Luxtude Ultra Slim Portable Phone Charger

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3. Tote Fashionable Beach Bag

One of my favorite pieces to take to the beach is a fashionable yet functional straw tote bag, it does not need to be too big, just something to fit all those essentials, like sun lotion, lip balm, water bottle, and a good book! Nothing says beach more than a woven artisan style because they go with every outfit yet are very durable and light to carry. Tote bags like this are also fantastic to travel with as they can do effortlessly from day to night with any outfit. I never leave home without a great bag and especially for the beach a natural straw bag which has a drawstring or button closure and an inside zip section makes is unique, chic and secure. This type of bag also makes a cute gift for a friend.

Tote Fashionable Beach Bag
Must-Have Beach Essential: Tote Fashionable Beach Bag

2 more great best beach accessories:

4. Barlver Women’s KIMONO / COVER-UP DRESS

When traveling with only suitcase space sometimes you need to choose comfort but I also never compromise on fashion and something a little stylish. One of my favorite go-to looks for travel and the beach is a wrap dress or multi-purpose long cover-up or kimono. Made from a breathable and lightweight fabric like cotton or linen it is a beach and travel essential! Not only does it feel comfortable and wearable for a warm and sunny beach climate, a dress like this also works well when going from the beach to wear over a bikini to cover up for lunch or to dinner. A kimono worn as a cover-up can also be tied or belted as a dress, or wear as a light layer if it’s chilly at night. Sightseeing plus new activities means that dressing for the day can feel a bit daunting. Wrap dresses are the perfect marriage between style and comfort, which is why I remember to bring multiple styles and prints with me wherever I travel or head to the beach.

Barlver Womens Chiffon Kimono Cardigan Swimsuit
Barlver Women’s Chiffon Kimono Cardigan Swimsuit

5. Joyebuy Women’s Wide Brim Straw Hat

These days one of the most important things I never compromise on and do daily is protect my skin from the sun. Regardless of where your destination is, sun exposure and strength is unpredictable which is why I take all of the precautions to protect my skin no matter what time of year and especially when at the beach. Wearing a nice straw hat will keep you looking stylish and protected on any sandy beach plus it will help reduce premature aging on your face and neck! A tightly woven hat keeps the heat out and provides the perfect amount of shade so you feel comfortable while reading a good book while relaxing outside. It’s a good idea to take a foldable one that’s packable and fits flat in your luggage. You can also stuff your hat with a few swimsuits to keep the shape while in your suitcase. Neutral woven straw hats go with everything in a summer wardrobe and will elevate your boho-chic style!

JOYEBUY Womens UPF50 Foldable Wide Brim Fedora Straw
JOYEBUY Womens UPF50 Foldable Wide Brim Fedora Straw



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