Briggs and Riley carry-on - Top 3 [2020]

Briggs and Riley carry-on – Top 3 [2020]

Briggs and Riley carry-on luggage stands up to the company’s reputation as one of the best travel bag manufacturers in the business offering elegance, durability and outstanding ergonomics at prices that may not be cheap, but are certainly worthwhile for the discerning traveler.

Briggs and Riley is so confident in its product that it is the only luggage company that offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee that includes damage caused by an airline. 

With its  “Simple as that Guarantee” if your bag is ever broken or damaged, Briggs and Riley will repair it free of charge, no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked!

The Briggs and Riley website has great testimonials from satisfied customers and the company has the confidence to put up all reviews including the occasional critical review.

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Here are three of our favorite Briggs and Riley carry-on bags: 

#1 Sympartico International Carry-On Expandable Spinner 

Made of super lightweight and extremely durable polycarbonate hardshell, the Sympatico international carry-on expandable spinner uses Briggs and Riley’s patented CX technology that expands packing space by 22% and then compresses the suitcase back to down to its original size allowing travellers to pack an impressive 47.9 liters maximum capacity  – it is the only hard-shelled carry on with a compression expansion system. Weighing in at 8.6 lbs, the international carry-on rides on four 360 degree double spinner wheels that give it a low center of gravity and fantastic mobility and maneuverability – just what you need if you are running to catch a flight in a crowded airport.

Briggs and Riley carry-on - Best 3
Briggs and Riley carry-on – Best 3

It comes with an easy-to-set built-in TSA-approved combination lock. On the inside, the international carry-on comes with a built-in packing cube, a garment hanger, and an adjustable compression panel that keeps your clothes flat and helps reduce wrinkling, as does its outside telescopic handle which has an outside handle design that allows flat packing – and also locks to three different heights. Another feature of the international carry on is the “Power Pocket” where you can store a power bank and charge your cell phone on the move. 


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#2 Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner 

If you love pockets and pouches – like we do – the Briggs and Riley Baseline Collection Domestic Carry-On Expandable Spinner may be the suitcase for you. The casually elegant domestic carry-on comes with a speed thru pocket on the outside of the case for placing your personal items such as passport and phone when passing through security checks, and has RFID shielding, and an orange lining that alerts if your pocket is open. The case also comes with a large, U-shape front compartment with an interior slip pocket for easy access to items like a jacket or sweater, and another easy-access slip pocket with elastic closure on front of the bag stores small, must-have items, while you can store your power bank in the “Power Pocket” on the back and charge on the go. 

The case comes with 2.5 inches of expandable depth and still fits U.S. domestic overhead compartments, saving you from having to check your baggage in. On the inside, the baseline domestic carry-on features two large zip pockets on the top lid and can pack as much as 51.9 liters. 




Briggs and Riley carry-on luggage 
Briggs and Riley carry-on luggage

#3 International Carry-On Upright Duffle 

The international carry-on upright duffle is sporty and sturdy and offers the roominess of a duffle bag that is both easy to pick up with a soft-top carry handle, but has the convenience of a wheeled carry-on. The Briggs and Riley duffle carry-on comes with the company’s patented Outsider handle, giving it a generous inside compartment great for bulky items like sports gear or a coat, and cinch down garment panels keep contents from shifting in transit, while an integrated mesh zip pocket keeps smaller items within easy reach.  The top lid comes with a see-through mesh pocket and a larger zip-around pocket for extra storage. On the exterior, the duffle has a large top pocket with ample space for travel essentials, while an easy-access elastic closure slip pocket at the front and a side zip-around pocket provide lots of additional storage space for small items. Like the domestic and international carry-ons, the Briggs and Riley upright duffle comes with a power bank pocket for charging on the go. 


For more Briggs and Riley carry-on cases in the following clips:

#1 Sympatico Collection now features CX technology


#2 Briggs and Riley carry-on Baseline collection




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