Tips for camping with toddlers | The new [2020] checklist

Tips for camping with toddlers | The new [2020] checklist

Camping comes packed with health benefits for both the young and the adults. Although the thought about camping outdoors is exciting and is one of the most preferred travel trends, we don’t always include toddlers in our plans. But, the thrill of tent camping with toddlers is one of a kind. The entire family gets the opportunity to bond over delightful food and a lot of hearty giggles. Also, the baby gets acquainted with the serene nature with its favorite humans by its side.

To help you plan a wonderful trip with your kids, here are a few tips for camping with toddlers. But, first, you should know that – it is going to be tough.

camping with toddlers


Camping with toddlers comes with different challenges. They can get filthy fast and without hesitation, and you cannot take your eyes off them even for a moment; let alone the fact that they even try to eat dirt. But, within all the insanity is a perfect camping experience you will tell stories about when they grow up.


Here are a few essential things to keep in mind while camping with toddlers

#1 Toddler Tents

Start by getting a toddler tent at home. This especially helps when you want them to get used to camping. You can find tents, like 8 person tents, in heaps of themes like rockets, pink princesses, outer space, cars, buses and more. Choose a large size to ensure smooth entry and exit of your child and also to make space for over one kid. Outdoor tents need to be washed, so polyester tents are a good choice. You may also get canvas for its non-toxic and breathable feature. Fibreglass poles or pine make strong frames when you put up the tent outdoors.

#2 Crawlers will need mats

If your baby is still crawling, shop for toddler camping mattresses before heading out. Its soft texture gives your baby’s tender skin a safe place to play. Opt for colourful patterns to hook your little one to the mat for a few hours.

#3 Camping activities for toddlers

You must choose a place that offers a variety of camping activities and games for toddlers that you arrange in advance to keep them busy. Keep the activities simple and fun so that your little ones never get bored even for a second. Watching for animals and birds, going on a nature walk, looking at the stars, telling them stories by the fire and making shadow puppets among others are interesting activities to keep your toddlers engaged.

camping with todllers | bonfire

#4 Camping clothes and shoes

Pack weather-appropriate clothes for your little ones. Remember that temperature lowers down at night and if you are sleeping in a tent you will feel cooler than when you are at your home. Hence, packing sweatpants and sweatshirts are a good idea. Ensure their safety from insect bites and craggy surfaces by avoiding open-toe shoes or flip-flops and giving them closed-toe shoes and socks. In case you want your toddler to take a dip into the pool, pack a bathing suit and towel.

#5 Toys are a must

Despite your best efforts, kids will get uncomfortable being outside for too long. So, you must find things that make them feel better. One way to do this is by bringing along their favourite toys. You can also purchase camping toys for toddlers. Shop around at Amazon for more ideas.

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Now, what are some camping essentials with toddlers?

Various other things are connected to camping with toddlers. Here are a few you cannot miss.

#6 Sunscreen and bug spray

Also, always remember to include sunscreen and bug spray in toddler camping gear because kids are sensitive to sunburn and bites. However, if your child is younger than 6 months, avoid sunscreen products. For others, choose products with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and opt for “broad spectrum” items having an SPF of 15 to 50. Apply generously to hands, feet, face (except the eye area) and other exposed parts half an hour before going outside.

For bug sprays, use oil of lemon eucalyptus, but make sure to keep children below 3 years old away from it.

todller camping

#7 Comfortable beds

Sleeping bags might be fine for you, but your little one does not feel comfortable enough inside these bags. The best choice for you is to get a toddler camping bed. You may also try airbeds if you are ready to inflate it whenever necessary. The Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety bumpers on Amazon is a light and portable option for your camping days. Being strong, they are durable and puncture-proof.

#8 Toddler camping chair

Let the little one chill out in the open in a convenient toddler camping chair. These kid-sized chairs take the load off of their tiny feet. The low and roomy seat of Kids Camping Chairs ensures a snug experience every time he sits in it. Opt for chairs with a mesh cup holder to quench their thirst when they are sitting and also to keep them engaged. Stylish, yet secure with strong steel frames, they create the ideal comfort zone for kiddos to hang out.

#9 Camping crafts for toddlers

Keep your kids occupied with camping crafts for toddlers. How about rainy splatter paintings or pounded flower prints? Inspire them with easy, yet interesting ideas like making a mock campfire with toilet paper tubes and papers as well as binoculars by covering toilet paper tubes with black or dark green paper.

Camping with toddlers can be fun and enjoyable. Kids love it and parents find it rejuvenating. Remember, if you are not aware of the camping site, ask someone, do not choose a place far from the washroom, avoid using the same bag for new and used clothes and last but not the least, do not let the challenge deter you. Plan a little, let go a little and carry the camping essentials for toddlers. Then watch how your munchkin responds to this newly found freedom.


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