HAWEEL Solar Charger Backpack Review [2020] | Professional Review

HAWEEL Solar Charger Backpack with USB Charging Port | Review [2020]

The world is seeing a steady development. With each day offering something new and out of the box, life has become easier than before. HAWEEL 12 W  Panel Solar Charger Backpack is one of those items, which makes everyday life less troublesome. It is not a great feeling when your phone runs out of battery on the verge of making an emergency call. With this solar charger backup hanging by your shoulders, keep your worries aside and keep your gadgets charged wherever you go.


HAWEEL Solar Charger Backpack
HAWEEL Solar Charger Backpack

Discover HAWEEL Solar Charger Backpack

Besides a well-thought-out plan, packing frequently used materials is imperative for traveling. Today, everybody carries their smartphones with them. If it is for work, you cannot forget to carry your laptop, and it is only two of all the things you travel with. Camera, headphones, notebook, clothes and so much more beg for space inside your main bag. How about one that can fit all of these? A multi-function laptop backpack should do the trick, and this bag is a fine choice. So, what puts it in the list of highly-demanded materials?

Check out what we tested and our results: 

  1. Size:This bag is 18.1 x 12.5 x 4.7 inches large. Confused? Well, the laptop compartment can house your 15.6-inch computer and the iPad holder can accommodate a 9.7-inch iPad with ease. Both these compartments are inside the primary pocket, so this isn’t all the space you have.
  2. Material: Water-proof polyester fabric lets you not think twice before heading on to adventures. The backside and shoulder straps are made of breathable elastic sponge to provide you with extra support and comfort. Also, the hand-held handle is sturdy, yet feels comfortable when holding the bag. (Note: wipe water stains within 5 minutes of getting wet)
  3. Design: You can freely open the bag at 90-180 degrees just like a briefcase. Due to multiple slots inside the bag, you don’t have to stuff all your things in one place. Separate spaces are available for storing your clothes, camera, pen, mouse, glasses, headphones, etc.
  4. Inbuilt Charger: As mentioned before, it is a solar charger backpack. The solar panel efficiently soaks sunlight at a 23% transfer speed. It then converts the energy into electricity, and you can charge your phone or similar gadgets using a USB cable by connecting it to the charging port on its side.
  5. Anti-Theft: Another cool feature of this backpack is that it’s anti-theft. The front side of the bag is made of cut-resistant fabric, which prevents any kind of blade-work from easily cutting it open. On the back, the zipper is properly hidden, and it keeps your belongings secure. Every pocket conceals its zipper and keeps it off-limits from thieves.


Conclusion: Shall if buy it or not?

So, a multi-function solar laptop backpack with USB charging port; one you can charge when you’re simply walking around is a new-generation item which, without any doubt, makes your life simpler. Go ahead and buy it – it is well worth the money (around $80).


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