Must Have Essentials for your next Beach Trip

Must Have Essentials for your next Beach Trip

City breaks may well be the go to for a last minute weekend escape, but beach vacations maintain their popularity within the tourism market. According to, 52 percent of US adults in 2017 opted for beach vacations as their favorite type of getaway. Check out these best travel gadgets you must have.

Must-Have for your next Beach Trip

Whatever the destination, it pays to prepare ahead of time with easy to pack beach essentials for your suitcase, starting with a microfiber towel. One challenge often facing beach goers is a lack of towels provided by hotels. These lightweight quick-drying microfiber towels, which take up no more space in your suitcase than a t-shirt, and you’ve got all the towels you need. They are also sand free and multi-purpose for other activities such as a beach blankets and picnic mat.

microfiber towel

Must-Have Travel Gadget For The Beach – Aqua Socks

You definitely want to enjoy your time in the water, but if your destination isn’t a smooth, sandy beach, you need something to protect your feet from stones or shells. Water shoes are heavy and take up a lot of packing space, so instead opt for these fun and light aqua socks. They dry quickly and comfortably hug your feet.

Must-Have for your next Beach Trip- Waterproof Cell Phone Case
Must-Have for your next Beach Trip – Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Mobile Gadgets – A Waterproof Cell Phone Case

You’re not going to the beach without your cell phone, but you don’t want to risk it getting wet or covered in sand. Bring along this waterproof cell phone case that allows you to use your phone while keeping it completely protected from any damage.

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Jbl Waterproof Speaker Best Quality  Underwater Speaker

Whether you’re chilling by the pool or are enjoying the beach, you’ve got to have music. This compact waterproof Bluetooth speaker gives you the soundtrack you need for a great time, without any chance of drowning it with an errant splash.

Underwater Speaker

Safe Chair – A Beach Safe

The perennial problem at the beach is what to do with your phone, room key, cash, and other valuables while you’re in the water or walking the sands. Problem solved. Bring along this small portable beach chair safe and never worry again about your valuables walking away. It attaches securely to your chair and opens with a combination you choose.

Fun in the sun is easier than ever when you stash these minimalist gadgets in your suitcase. Now you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest with the best travel gadgets of 2018 and the best travel gadgets of 2019.

A Comfortable Beach Chair

A relaxing and enjoying day is what most people are after when they go on vacations or plan their beach trips. And while there’s a certain appeal to soaking in the sun while laying in the sand for a long time, it is not always comfortable.

Foldable beach chairs are easy to carry around and won’t add to your packing list that much. Some chair options are lightweight but still aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There are a variety of options for the best beach chairs that won’t cramp your summer style while you’re living your best life.

Having somewhere to sit is especially important for families traveling with kids or senior couples going for a weekend beach vacation.



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    14 Responses

    1. These are definitely the must have gadgets for beach season. The aqua socks are very innovative and the beach safe is a great way to safely hold your belongings. I hope these items make a killing!

    2. This is by far the best travel gadgets I have seen so far considering a trip on the beach. I could use the water proof case on my phone.

    3. I love going to the beach.. Whenever I want that perfect gateway, the beach is always my first choice.. When I stumbled on,I didn’t know I will get so much information.. thanks for posting this..this items will sure make my beach relaxation enjoyable

    4. There are so many travel trends out there but these two gadgets are definitely on my list. These minimalist gadgets are very handy and will surely make your trip more fun.

    5. It always good to follow travel trends so as to know the travel gadgets that one really need to buy and those that one can use when traveling. Some are more essential than some.

    6. These seem the best gadgets to use on a beach The water proof casing will do a good job on one’s phone especially for the non water resistance phones.

    7. These gadgets are really needed in this summer season. Best travel gadgets ever recommended.

    8. These must be the best beach gadgets I have read about, Idlike to try the portable beach chair safe.

    9. I travel a lot too and since most of them are short trips though not exactly to the beach. I have sarong as towels instead of microfiber towels. They also dry fast and could also be used as a dress or shorts or sling bags.

    10. I agree that those are all must have gadgets. I wouldn’t forgot the waterproof speaker cause vacation has no fun if there aren’t music.

    11. The waterproof gadgets are the best travel gadgets. I remember when I lost my phone because it fell in the pool.

    12. Thanks for sharing this must have gadgets. I’m sure these are all included in today’s travel trends.

    13. Thank you so much for sharing this! Definitely one of the best beach gadgets reviews that I saw in a while. This review can help me pick a beach gadget soon for my trip.

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