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Must-Have Gadgets For The Minimalist Traveler

As travelers jetting off more than ever before, we’ve become smarter with packing, selective in those suitcase essentials to reduce the weight of our baggage. For the minimalist traveler, downsizing allows us better focus on the adventure in front and less on the heaps of clothes and gadgets which often go unused on vacation. If function and ease of travel is at the forefront of your trip, then these are the must-have gadgets for you!

6 Must-Have Gadgets You Need To Take The Next Time You Are Traveling

#1 A Water Purifying Bottle

Must-Havet Outdoor Gadget - GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Bottle
Must-Have Outdoor Gadgets – GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Bottle

 A quality water purifying bottle, such as the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Bottle, provides drinkable water wherever you go. The bottle works by filtering out particles, chemicals and heavy metals, from virtually any water source, to produce clean, purified drinking water in just 15 seconds! Small and light in weight, the bottle easily fits inside a backpack or side pocket, and is far more environmentally friendly than buying plastic bottles at every stop.


#2 A Catch-All Wallet

Catch All Wallet
Catch All Wallet


For those travel necessities – passport, boarding passes, credit cards, papers – the items we simply can’t take off without, a catch-all wallet is a handy way to keep all these must-haves together and secure in one plane. The Defway Travel Wallet is an inexpensive but well-made storage accessory, features slots for everything, including coins and keys, all in a zip-close case. The catch-all also comes with RFID protection for that extra layer of securing. And as a bonus, the 100% nylon exterior ensures your personals stay dry in all weather!


#3 Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag - A must-have gadget
Scrubba Wash Bag

Pile of laundry gathering and no washing facilities? Not a problem for the Scrubba Wash Bag, a portable system for travelers of a camping, hiking and backpacking nature. This nifty accessory produces machine quality washes by putting hundreds of scrubba nodules to work for freshly cleaned clothes in minutes. Lightweight, compact and doubling as a dry-bag, this is one for your wish list.


#4 A Travel Backpack

TYLY Power Bag
TYLY Power Bag

The Backpack comeback is trend that seems here to stay. A great choice for your travels is the TYLY Power Bag and Charging Station as its built-in 5,200 mAh battery ensures your electronics are working at full capacity all day long. Available in various sizes and styles, the active power bags can comfortably fit a laptop alongside your other daily essentials, for an all-in-one backpack that delivers on style, function and power.


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Another 2 minimalist travel gadgets

#5 Smart Communication Device

goTenna Mesh pairing device
goTenna Mesh pairing device

The next generation of wireless communication has arrived with the go Tenna Mesh SMS & GPS Device. This sleek mesh network gadget pairs with your phone to enable private end-to-end encrypted texts and GPS location updates between other users, within a four-mile range! Super compact, and attachable to keys, bags and more, this product of the future will be put to good use during your travels.



#6 Phone Lens

Photojojo Super Fisheye Lens
Photojojo Super Fisheye Lens

Snap impressive pictures from your smartphone or tablet with the Photojojo Super Fisheye Lens. The magnetic ring, which attaches to your device, captures rounded images with a 235-degree frame, for a hemispherical view of the world. With the ‘iPhoneography’ trend gaining popularity, this fun, affordable gadget is perfect way to start your lens collection!


Try out these minimalist must-have gadgets to improve your travel experience, travel safety, and get the most out of your travels.



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