Review – Lifeasy Travel Backpack, 35L Carry-On Flight Approved

Review – Lifeasy Travel Backpack, 35L Carry-On Flight Approved

Lifeasy introduces yet again a backpack that does nothing but brings ease to life. With its expandable and spacious features, the Lifeasy travel backpack 35l is an all in one backpack having multiple compartments, external USB port, ergonomic comfort design with extra padding and multiple carrying backpack feature. It’s a great bag that can be used for business trips, leisurely trips and on flight with ease and comfort. This Lifeasy travel backpack review will give you an insight into its pros and cons in an unbiased fashion.


If you are in search of an affordable yet quality backpack then this surely is the one for you.

Expandable – With its expandable feature, as you keep unzipping it, it gets bigger and better giving a voluminous space for all your essential belongings. Expandable design provides extra 15 liters, before extended is 20L, dimension: 18.3×12.2×5.9 inch/46.5x31x15 cm; after extended is 35L, dimension: 18.3×12.2×9.5 inch/46.5x31x24 cm. Meshes inside to keep things organized.

Multiple compartments – It has multiple compartments with three zipper pockets on the front, the USB charger port with a cable, and three compartments to pack your clothes and stuff. The middle compartment expands to about 12 cm/4.7 inch to allow packing of clothing. The compartment next to the shoulder straps is well padded to protect your laptop or tablet.

Quality material – for the price the material is absolutely perfect. It’s durable and it’s robust, so you don’t have to worry about it being worn out easily.

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The power of grey –The colour grey is an added plus in Lifeasy backpack since it doesn’t get dirty that easy while it also gives a sophisticated look and cool vibe.

An external USB port – Keeping in mind the modern necessity of charging phones, the Lifeasy travel backpack made sure to add this ‘most wanted’ feature to the rucksack. This built-in charging cable provides a more convenient way to charging your phone, free your hands from power bank and gives you a chance to head straight leaving your worries of finding a charging booth behind.

Lifeasy Laptop travel backpack – This ultimate, easy to carry backpack is large and roomy with vast space for a laptop of up to 17.3 inches. Securely carries and firmly handles laptops with its padded laptop compartment hence protecting the electronic gadgets seamlessly.

Adjustable straps – The adjustable straps on the outside as well as on the inside can help downsize your backpack while also relieves the stress from your shoulders.


           Lifeasy travel backpack review
           Lifeasy travel backpack review




While on the flip side, Lifeasy travel backpack carry on certainly does have some cons. But the pros definitely win over the cons. Keep reading to find out more about this daypack.

USB cable – Take into consideration that the pace of charging is slower than directly from an electrical outlet.

No bottle compartment – With all the features intact, a separate bottle compartment would have been a big plus. But since it’s lacking, you can compromise on it looking at its other positive features.

Lifeasy Travel Backpack – CRUX

Weighing the pros and cons of Lifeasy travel backpack 35l, it turns out to be a good bag all in all. It’s surely a much-recommended rucksack for its brilliant features. Convenient for air travel, fits well under the seat on the plane, is spacious, light on weight, have study zippers, absolute perfect quality, all in all, it’s a great bag with a decent price tag.

Comfortable on the back and easy to carry!

Lifeasy Rucksack, an ultimate travel backpack bag with wide ranging features…

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20 Responses

  1. Lifeasy is so amazing as it really makes life cool and travel wasy…. I so much love the USB aspect and the expandable feature

  2. Life easy backpack looks great. I like the top quality that it is made of. I prefer to spend more money and get a good quality item than buying lesser money and getting rubbish. Good one life easy.

  3. This back is a must have gadgets I should say. It is not literally a get but a neccessity to have one to carry your gadget. The best travel back pack so far as it expands a lot in case you need more space by just unzipping it.

  4. It’s so cool to have this waterproof travel backpack, as you can go anywhere and still be safe. You don’t have to be afraid of the weather conditions either.

  5. Life easy backpack is definitely the best. Its convenient to carry even can fit on airplane sit and its very light to carry. Great one.

  6. This is awesome..I love grey..I can bet this is the best backpack with usb charging…I will need one for my next adventure

  7. I love this trendy bag ,a must have gadgets for a traveller has no weight with excellent design of life easy backpack.

  8. After reading this review I have to get myself a life easy backpack. It’s much better than what I currently use.

  9. These are one of best travel backpack out there. From the review I believe these backpacks is worth the buy no matter the pricing.

  10. I love the design. It is quiet sleek and handy. It is by far the best travel backpack that I have seen and I prefer it over a suitcase to be honest.

  11. The Lifeasy travel backpack has definitely got all the must have gadgets, the best voluminous space and supreme quality material. I’m sure it’s very durable as well and visually pleasing.

  12. This bag looks perfect for the regular flyers. It seems this can carry things without making it too heavy. This life-easy waterproof backpack would be convenient for all weathers.

  13. It really takes multiple pockets to have the perfect bag for travelling. I would love to have that bag.

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