Lifeasy Daypack Review | Top Lightweight Pack [2020]

Lifeasy Daypack Review [2020] | A Top Lightweight Daypack Recommendation

Life again is made that little bit simpler with a fresh take on the modern daypack, well geared to keep your laptop safe through rain, storm or shine. The new lifeasy waterproof anti-theft roll-top daypack business laptop bag is an updated version of what was, with a variety of nifty features that will come in handy regardless of travel destination and distance.

This laptop travel backpack is superior to the average backpacks if you seek safety, efficiency and style. Let’s run through its unique features to see why this backpack is a win for your wallet.

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Lifeasy Daypack – 5 Pros

  • Lifeasy waterproof anti-theft roll daypack is the perfect choice for all weathers, made from water-proof polyester that’s sure to keep your laptop and other goods safe.
  • This updated version is a complete lifespan if you’re looking for a bag that will fit all your accessories. It has an easy zipper side laptop compartment, fit for a 15.6” laptop, shoe compartment and other separate sections for books, toiletries, wallets and more.
  • Enjoy peach of mind with its anti-theft roll top, not often featured on other backpacks, for the ultimate security.
5 pros for the lifeasy daypack
5 pros for the lifeasy daypack
  • Spacious in size to contain your laptop and other accessories for your trip, the lifeeasy laptop bag is a light pack of a 20-30 liters in size – big enough for in size to contain all your possessions for ‘light travel’.
  • It’s design really earns it status as an ‘all in one’ backpack, with use far beyond your business trip. Designed for all occasions, the backpack is useful for day-to-day errands, traveling, hiking and so much more!
lifeasy travel daypack is the perfect bag for a day out in the city
Lifeasy travel daypack is the perfect bag for a day out in the city

What else does Lifeasy daypack feature? Besides an adjustable designed panel, it contains a useful inbuilt USB charging port to keep your electronics going from day to night and a padded shoulder strap for easy travel.

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Bon Voyage!


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