What Are Smokeless Fire Pits & Where Can You Use Them

What Are Smokeless Fire Pits & Where Can You Use Them

It’s so cozy sitting around a fire with friends and family until you get a lungful of smoke! Unfortunately, it’s one of the more unpleasant aspects of making and enjoying a cozy backyard fire. But luckily, there are smokeless fire pit options. The questions are, what are they, and where can you use them?

Where Can You Use a Smokeless Fire Pit?
Where Can You Use a Smokeless Fire Pit?

What is A Smokeless Fire Pit?

All fires will have some smoke, but how much you experience while gathering around it will depend. That’s because if a fire is hot enough, it will fully combust the fuel source and drastically minimize how much smoke it emits.

A smokeless fire pit burns the fuel source at high enough temperatures and quick enough rates that it doesn’t cause smoke. It creates an optimal space where the wood (maple, oak, or ash) burns quickly under the right conditions to be as smokeless as possible.

Of course, there’s a little more to it. So, if you want to learn more about these fire pits, the rest of this blog post will go into more detail.

How Does a Smokeless Fire Pit Work

With a smokeless fire pit such as the Breeo, the design is crucial to its success. And while you must remember that no fire can truly be smokeless, you can minimize it with the right equipment and materials. But what makes a smokeless fire pit’s design different than regular fire pits?

A smokeless fire pit works by retaining heat and creating enough oxygen for the fuel source to burn quickly at high temperatures. Usually, the fire source is wood, but it needs to burn at high heat and at a quick enough pace to avoid smoking.

You’ve probably seen recreational fires many times before. Many of us have gone camping with the family before! But do you know how they come to be? Well, it’s a chemical reaction that occurs as a result of three ‘ingredients.’

Fires need three things to burn at their fullest potential: heat, enough oxygen, and proper fuel sources. While you choose which fuel source you use, a smokeless fire pit focuses on how effectively it burns by creating suitable environments.

Smokeless Fire Pits Ensures Proper Heat Retention
Smokeless Fire Pits Ensures Proper Heat Retention

A Smokeless Fire Pit Ensures Enough Oxygen

No fire can burn without oxygen. That’s because fire is essentially the reaction that occurs when fuel (wood) heats up and reacts with the oxygen in the surrounding air. A combustion reaction creates combustion products like heat, gas, smoke, and embers.

A smokeless fire pit has ventilation holes or slots that promote airflow through the fire, ensuring enough oxygen. The more oxygen the fire is exposed to, the more prominent the combustion reaction will be, and the more heat and less smoke will occur.

A Smokeless Fire Pit Ensures Proper Heat Retention

While proper ventilation is essential to keep a fire going, it must be extremely hot to prevent it from smoking. That’s because enough heat helps dry out the moisture in the air surrounding the fire and preheat unburnt fuel sources close by.

Smokeless fire pits usually have double metal walls that help keep the interior pit environment hot enough for the fire to burn effectively. Metals consist of tiny atoms which have electrons floating around them. These electrons can absorb energy like heat and retain it.

The extra electrons in two layers of metal in the smokeless fire pit keep heat energy long enough to create the right smokeless environment. It’s necessary because wood doesn’t have as many free electrons as metal. So,  it can’t retain heat for long enough for the fire to be sweltering long enough to prevent smoke from forming.

Where Can You Use Smokeless Fire Pits?

Suppose you’re considering getting a smokeless fire pit or maybe you’re planning a trip and the property has an existing fire pit. Then, you’re probably wondering where you can use it. Can you use it indoors, under a covered patio, or outside?

You can use a smokeless fire pit indoors or outdoors if you get the right design, adequate buffers, and proper approval. Not all fire pits will work everywhere, so you must research which will suit your and your family’s needs best.

The Right Design

Some fire pits are designed for indoor use, while others are designed for outdoor use. So, it would be best if you consider where you want your smokeless fire pit to be. For example, suppose you want it indoors. In that case, you need a suitable design for fires to burn successfully while keeping your home and family safe.

At the same time, if you want a smokeless fire pit outdoors, consider whether you want a permanent or portable one. This decision will affect which type of smokeless fire pit design you should go for. If you don’t know which to choose, talk to a fire pit manufacturing company sales representative.

Smokeless fire pits for the outdoors
Smokeless fire pits for the outdoors

Adequate Buffers

The safest space to put a fire pit is outdoors, but it can be indoors or on a wooden deck if it has the correct buffers.

For example, if you want to put a fire pit on a deck, it needs to rest on a base that is fireproof and non-combustible. That way, the fire cannot escape the smokeless fire pit, preventing unwanted wildfires from forming.

At the same time, if you want a fire pit indoors, the bottom and sides must have protective buffering layers to keep the fire contained and your home and family safe.

Proper Approval

Finally, you need to ensure you’re allowed to have a fire pit where you wish to put one. In some states, you need approval from your local government to own and use one outdoors. And some might have specific regulations you must adhere to if you wish to set one up.

You might also have to consider whether you’re part of a homeowner’s association or other regulating body that might have a say in whether you can have one. It would be best to have all the proper approvals before spending the time and money on a smokeless fire pit.

Smokeless Fire Pits – The Bottom Line

A smokeless fire pit is an excellent way to enjoy a fire without breathing in those pesky smoke clouds. It creates suitable environments with proper airflow and heat retention to enhance the combustion reactions and minimize smoke formations.

Depending on your needs, you can use these smokeless fire pits indoors or outdoors. Of course, you must consider a design that will fit your needs, ensure proper heat buffers, and get appropriate approval from your local governing bodies.

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