3D House Tour: A Must for Any Vacation Rental Company

3D House Tour: A Must for Any Vacation Rental Company

Adding a 3D house tour to your vacation rentals just makes sense in today’s climate. While people may be a bit apprehensive to travel due to the pandemic, more and more people are looking for a safe, fun get-away. Showing off a 3D virtual tour of your vacation rental home offers a better way for travelers to make the right decision.

Stand Out Above the Competition with a 3D House Tour

3D House Tour
3D House Tour

Whether you own a single vacation property or several, adding a 3D house tour to your rental listing just makes sense. You will stand out above all the other vacation rental companies not using 3D tours. Potential guests will be able to tour the home, see the amenities, and get a feel for where they will be staying.

It’s easy to see how you can stand out with a 3D house tour by looking at a video of a luxury log home. This tour makes it simple to understand what this property offers. Could you imagine it the same way if there were just a few pictures of the home?

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8 Benefits of Using 3D Virtual Home Tours for Vacation Rentals

Benefits of Using 3D Virtual Home Tours
Benefits of Using 3D Virtual Home Tours

#Better Way to Show Off Your Property

A few pictures won’t cut it anymore. People are careful what they spend money on and if you want to attract travelers, you need a 3D house tour.

Savvy travelers want to see what they are getting when they book their vacation rental. Whether it’s a property up in the mountains or a beach resort, they want to see the amenities and know what they will be stepping into.

With so much care going into traveling these days, it’s important to show off your vacation home in the best way possible. Providing a 3D house tour offers a way for potential guests to see exactly what they are getting before they arrive.

#Provides a Realistic Experience

With a 3D house tour, you can basically provide as close to the real experience as possible online. Your vacation property listing will stand out and you will give access to potential guests 24/7 to tour your home. They will be able to see exactly what they will be getting for their next vacation.

If you want to provide the most realistic experience possible, a 3D house tour just makes sense. This is a wonderful way to allow potential guests to tour the property before booking it for their next trip.

#It’s the Next Big Thing

Travel and Technology Concept. Closeup of Virtual Tour Appllication on Mobile Phone. Traveling in New Normal Lifestyle

Every so often, new technology comes along that won’t easily disappear. Virtual technology is here to stay and so are 3D house tours. They are already taking over the real estate industry making it nearly impossible to sell a home without a virtual tour.

Vacation properties using these tours offer a better experience for potential guests. Virtual home tours are not just a fad. They are here to stay and those using them will reap the rewards.

#Increases Website Traffic

Videos are becoming very popular online and they tend to rank very well in the search results. Adding a 3D house tour to your vacation rental listings or website helps to improve website traffic. You’ll decrease your bounce rate by keeping people on your website longer, which helps to increase your overall search engine optimization.

Some statistics have shown that adding a virtual tour to any type of home listing can increase the amount of web traffic to that page up to 40%. The more traffic you get, the more time your property will be booked, and the higher the profits you can make.

#Cost-Effective & Easy to Create

You might be hesitant to add a 3D house tour to your vacation property listing because of the cost. Maybe you think this type of tour will cost you more money than you can afford. For most 3d virtual home tours, the cost is minimal,

These tours have become much easier to create and you no longer need an expensive camera crew to handle the work. You can even do it yourself if you can take decent 360 panoramic images from the center of all the rooms in your home.

Even hiring a company to create the tour for you can be cost-effective. Since the technology has advanced, adding 3d home tours to your vacation properties has never been easier or more affordable.

#Great for Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best places to share your vacation rentals and gain new guests. When you share just pictures, however, you might not get much traffic or attract many new guests.

Most social media sites are favoring video over images in today’s market. It’s easier to attract new website traffic with a video and engage your audience. Adding 3D house tours to your vacation properties means you have something you can share regularly to gain new guests.

Not only can you share your 3D home tour on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but you can also share them on YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble, and all the video websites. This makes it easier for people to find you as these video tours might rank well in the search engines, too.

Every single time your property hits the market, you can reshare the virtual tour and find someone to book a vacation. As one of the best types of visual content, a 3D home tour of your vacation property will stand out on social media.

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#Increases Interaction

Make a 3D house tour to every vacation rental you own
Make a 3D house tour to every vacation rental you own

Most website visitors will flip through a few pictures and move on as they are comparing vacation rental properties. However, if you offer a 3D home tour like this one of a beautiful home in the Outer Banks, your visitors will interact with your website.

Since virtual vacation rental tours are still new, you will stand out from others not interacting in this way. Most vacation rental websites are a bit basic with just a few pictures and a booking option. Adding a 3D house tour will help take your content from boring to engaging.

#You Become More Trustworthy

If you’re not a large name in the vacation industry, it can be hard for some customers to trust you immediately. They need to find out more about you and build trust before booking a vacation stay at one of your properties.

Finding a suitable property for their vacation isn’t just about the location and the type of property. It’s also about trusting the company or the owner they will be working with.

Adding a 3D house tour to your vacation property listing will help set you apart. You will become more trustworthy because you took the time to show off your property in the best way possible.

Potential guests will develop an interest in your property as they sit at their computers and take a tour. They will feel like you are guiding them through your property and it will help to build trust with you and your vacation rental company.

There are many great reasons to add a 3D house tour to every vacation rental you own. Without a virtual home tour, you might not be able to compete for much longer. many vacation property owners are adding this feature because consumers want to feel like they are there already before they book a stay at your property.

If you’re trying to gain more guests during a time when the travel industry has taken a hit, investing in 3D house tours is a great idea. These tours will help you gain traffic to your website and book more stays at your vacation property.

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