Flashyapp Marketing Automation Platform | New Review [2021]

Flashyapp Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Platform Review

If you take a look at the Flashyapp website, you’ll see they describe the tool as “the smartest way to understand your visitors and customers and to engage with them in real time based on their behavior”. To put it in my own words, Social Boosting does a lot of things that other CRM and marketing automation tools and platforms do, plus a bit more, at a better cost per contact. 

Who is Flashy made for?

The main business that will benefit from Flashyapp is ecommerce, mostly because their focus is to increase sales and conversion on a webpage via automations, emails, and popups. If you are an ecommerce business owner and looking to increase conversion on your site, I definitely recommend checking out their page on the ecommerce site benefits

On the other end of that is marketing agencies, which can set up accounts for clients and benefit from that time-saving automations. Of course, all of the email analytics you’d expect are there, but the overall account analytics you will get along the way are also a great item to include in any client-presentations or communications. 

Honestly, pretty much anyone who wants to automate things. In fact, I think Flashy is missing an opportunity here to market their solution to freelancers, consultants and others who are looking to convert users on websites and communicate with prospects and customers alike. 

Flashy All-In-One Marketing Automation Platform
Flashy All-In-One Marketing Automation Platform

Features breakdown

I don’t want to just do a deep dive into all the Flashy features here, but I will list the areas covered here and then we can go into the various use cases and which features are the most relevant for which types of users. 

Full feature breakdown: 

  • Email marketing
  • Website popups
  • Website tracking
  • Marketing automation 
  • SMS marketing
  • Product recommendations
  • Dynamic coupons
  • Social ads
  • Customer profiles
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Customer attribution


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Learn about Flashyapp Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Platform options
Learn about Flashyapp Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Platform options

For ecommerce store owners, you’re probably here looking for the basics. In particular, abandoned cart automations, transactional emails, and retargeting. These are features you can definitely get in a lot of expensive CRMs but probably not at the same price as you will pay for Flashy – but more on that in the pricing section. 

For marketing agencies, the features that will interest you are probably dependent on your client needs. It is definitely worth sitting down and scoping out their needs before going with Flashy, or better yet, go to that meeting with some options of what you could get done for them.

For those of us in the “others” category, it is worth checking out the full feature set, or just starting a free trial and clicking around to see what works for you. There are quite a few website owners that can benefit from this type of marketing automation. For example, you can use Flashy to help gain subscribers via popups for a newsletter, or gain clients for your consulting business. Setting up the account is pretty simple, but we will get into that a bit more later. One thing that I thoroughly enjoy as a freelancer about the Flashy resources is the public marketplace for templates. It is a straightforward way to get started faster and is helpful if you want to use

Flashyapp Alternatives

If you are not going with Flashy, you are probably looking at solutions like Mailchimp and Klaviyo. Feature sets might be a bit similar but there are definitely some benefits to Flashy. To dive into more on that I recommend scanning through their Mailchimp and Klaviyo comparison pages. The main takeaways there are price, SMS features, and the community marketplace of templates are the big differentiators that make Flashy worth it in the long run. 

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is tricky and you definitely want to get the correct timing down. With Flashy, you can set rules to automatically send a personalized message to a customer who, for example, abandons their cart or to a visitor who repeatedly views a certain web page. Admittedly, there is a bit of programming you might need there, so I would recommend checking out the SMS marketing breakdown a bit more. 

The Integration Options

CRMs are often only as good as their integrations with the tools you already use. Flashy has focused on the ecommerce use case here, with integrations with shopify, woocommerce and magento. Outside of ecommerce, they have various integrations including Zapier. With the Zapier integration you can connect pretty much any app in their library as well. You can check out their integrations on the Flashy website. 

How is the setup?

Setting up the trial account is pretty easy, you are going to go through a few basic steps, then import contacts. My preference usually is to skip any import. If you skip that part you can then import them later once you have gained access to the system and clicked around a bit. 


Flashyapp setup
Flashyapp setup
Flashy onboarding
Flashy onboarding
Import your lists on flashy.com
Import your lists on flashy.com

Flashyapp Platfrom Pricing

As far as the pricing side of things go, this type of marketing automation tool can get pricey and the minute you start searching you’ll see just how expensive things can get. There is a reason why Hubspot is making a killing in this game. Flashy’s pricing model is similar to that of other CRM and marketing automation tools, which means you are paying per contact. How you calculate contacts are somewhat up to you, in that you can decide which contacts you want to import into the Flashy system. If you are just looking to try things out though, you can still import contacts during their free trial. 

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Flashyapp – TL;DR

Flashyapp is great for ecommerce and marketing agencies that want all the bells and whistles of a powerful CRM and marketing automation platform while not wanting to pay such a heavy price. The feature set is a bit more complicated than a normal CRM or automation system, so I recommend getting into the platform and clicking around first to make sure that any and all requirements you have are met. 

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