Best Travel APIs to boost your online bookings in [2022]

Best Travel APIs to boost your online bookings in [2022]

The travel and tourism business is currently experiencing a one-of-a-kind trend called the “Speed of Digitization.” Remaining innovative and ahead of the competition requires a remarkable digital transformation. Therefore, travel Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are becoming more critical in digital migration for a full-scale online travel agency (OTA) model. 

Travel APIs connect with other technologies, platforms, and ecosystems, allowing data and information to be transferred from one platform to another. Travel technology companies like Travel Solutions provide Travel APIs for hoteliers and distributors with universal access to inventory and discounts, such as flights, hotels, auto rentals, transfers, sightseeing, and vacation packages.

Thus, travel booking APIs are essential devices that facilitate travel agencies, businesses, DMCs, distribution platforms, and corporate intranets to give excellent value and service to their clients. Customers can book everything online, including flights, hotels, transfers, excursions, and vacation packages. Online travel portal systems have elevated user experiences to a new level. According to Statista, 65% of people use an OTA platform because of its easy user interface and convenience of handling booking online.

Travel APIs make travel much esier
Travel APIs make travel much easier
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Here is a list of the best API providers for travel management companies:

#The Amadeus API

Amadeus is currently among the most popular GDS systems. Global travel management firms use Amadeus GDS to access online travel content, such as airlines, hotels, transfers, tours, cars, and other support functions using Amadeus travel APIs / web services. On average, Amadeus handles the most significant number of transactions. Therefore, Amadeus has become the world’s most extensive GDS system and travel content provider over the last two decades.

#Sabre API

 The Sabre GDS system connects buyers and suppliers of travel services. Sabre GDS is backed by more than 400 airlines, 200,000 hotels, worldwide tour operators, and various car and cruise suppliers in terms of travel inventories. The Sabre system is linked to over 400,000 travel agencies globally that serve the end-users. 

The Sabre GDS system handles about a million travel booking transactions every minute during peak season. B2B and B2C powered by the Sabre software system are exploding in the United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, India, Africa (Nigeria, Egypt), and Indonesia.

Best Travel APIs
Best Travel APIs. Source: Chetu APIs

The APIs boost the connected partners to receive and send information on the properties listed on They can handle the availability of rooms, bookings, rates, and many other functions flexibly using their own platform, allowing them to create one “all-around platform” for their linked properties, enabling property owners to handle their data across different sites efficiently. The APIs developed by experienced and high-tech companies can offer both XML and JSON forms using HTTP basic authentication.

#Expedia API is an online travel website that serves as a travel price aggregation and a travel metasearch engine. Expedia API allows developers and programmers to incorporate sophisticated functions into their existing application, allowing customers to efficiently browse and receive data such as accessibility, pricing, limits, booking alerts, retrieval, and confirmation from a third-party application. 

Expedia API Integration connects any online reservation system to more than 160,000 hotels in over 200 destinations. Expedia serves many customers in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and large tracts of Asia.

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Conclusion – Travel API

Travel API
Travel API

Thus, an API application provides tremendous versatility and accessibility and thoroughly analyzes all hotel procedures. API integration service providers develop seamless integration APIs to provide user-friendly data reports that give the customers directly visible data.


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