Australian Islands You Should Not Miss | [2020] Travel Guide

4 Australian Islands You Should Not Miss In 2020

If you are a lover of incredible paradise islands and have no idea yet where to head to next, this piece is perfect for you! Australia is widely known for its white-sand beaches, pristine islands, and turquoise waters. It also plays host to an astonishingly diverse landscape, including lush tropical rainforests. This just explains the growing number of visitors flying to the country to spend a well-deserved holiday at breath-taking Australian islands!

In this article, we will try to make the planning for your next adventure easier by listing down Australia’s most beautiful paradise islands. This list is the perfect guide for tourists looking for moments of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of cities!


4  Australian Islands You Must Visit This Year:

1. Fitzroy Island, near Cairns

 Fitzroy is a new favorite tourist destination, both interstate and international alike for travelers planning to take a glimpse of the renowned the Great Barrier Reef from a tropical island paradise. If you think the fun stops there, worry no more as Fitzroy Island has a lot more to offer! The island is mainly covered by about 97 percent rainforest National Park, making it a great fit for outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and bushwalking!


Fitzroy Island is just a 45-minute Fast Cat Ride from Cairns, allowing easy access to a rich ecosystem – from dense jungle to exuberant marine life. You can combine this transfer option with a guided sea kayaking where you and your kids can snorkel amongst the crystal blue sea and get a chance to spot Fitzroy Island’s famous clownfish or sea turtles. You can also opt to use a regular ferry transfer via air-conditioned Fitzroy Flyer in heading to this beautiful Australian island.

The island’s exclusive resort, Fitzroy Island Resort, offers various activities for all age groups and fitness levels. These include day tour package, eye spy luxury sailing, scuba diving, turtle rehabilitation tours, sunlover reef cruises, and a whole lot more! As for the accommodation, the island offers various accommodation packages that fit all budgets and needs!



2. Lady Musgrave Island, near Gladstone

Must-Visit this paradise Australian island – Lady Musgrave Island
Must-Visit this paradise Australian island – Lady Musgrave Island

Located 550 km north of Brisbane or situated about 60 km east off the coast of Gladstone, Lady Musgrave Island entices visitors for its impressive diving and snorkeling selections. Its bordering and protected deep-water reef lagoon are filled with a rich array of tropical fish, corals and other marine life, such as sea turtles- green and loggerhead.

If you are thinking about paying a visit on this island, it is better to be informed head-on that the island lacks some facilities. It is important to bring along all your necessary equipment, food, and drinking water. Staying for more than a day on this Australia island too requires a pre-booking of the camping permits. As of now, only about 40 people are allowed to stay on Lady Musgrave Island at a time. This regulation is part of the advocacy to preserve the natural charm of the island. You may visit the Queensland National Parks’ website for more information.

2 more beautiful Australian Islands

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3. Great Keppel Island, near Yeppoon

Paradise Island - Great Keppel Island, near Yeppoon amazing for snorkeling activity
Australian Islands: One of the best choices is the Great Keppel Island, near Yeppoon amazing for snorkeling activity

Out of the 17 dazzling snorkeling destinations, Great Keppel’s Shelving Beach and Monkey Point are the most amazing for fun snorkeling activity. Aside from the adventure awaiting for you on this Australian island, Great Keppel Island is also home to more than 90 bird species and it is typical to see turtles and dolphins wandering amongst the island’s clear waters.

If you are thinking about a relaxing camping experience on Great Keppel Island, the Great Keppel Island Holiday Village is just perfect. You can choose from two accommodation options: Camping Sites or Decked Tents. If you want the Camping Sites, do not forget to bring along with you your own tent with the maximum size (2-person tent type). If, on the other hand, you opt to have the deck tents, no need to bring your own tents as you will be provided with a more luxurious accommodation, complete with beds, accompanying linens, lighting and fans!

The stay at the Great Keppel Island Holiday Village allows access to a full camp kitchen, a toilet/ shower block, and snorkeling gears – just the perfect way to get an amazing experience on a paradise Australian island


4. Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Rottnest Island, Western Australia - around 63 stunning beaches and 20 exquisite bays
Rottnest Island, Western Australia – around 63 stunning beaches and 20 exquisite bays

Rottnest Island is a must-visited attraction when traveling to Perth. This majestic Australian island destination has around 63 stunning beaches and 20 exquisite bays, and as a result, more and more travelers are being drawn to visit it. It’s easily accessible from Fremantle and there is a range of luxurious accommodation and self-contained accommodation to choose from.

Situated just 19 kilometers from the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia, Rottnest Island is the perfect getaway for water sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. The island is also famous as it is where the cute quokkas live! So if you’re planning to visit this wonderful Australian paradise island, do not forget to snap a perfect quokka selfie before leaving!

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