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7 city escapes for your 2019 travel calendar

As the travel industry continues its upward growth trend, and as traveler budgets increase and new airline routes are launched, the curiosity to explore new destinations remains on trend. In fact, TrekkSoft has revealed that around 45% of travelers have a bucket list in mind with most venturers in search of discovering something new.

According to insight and research from industry experts, these cities are projected to be some of the most popular to visit in 2019.  

Copenhagen, Denmark

As a cultural center design, with delicious dining and striking architecture, Denmark’s capital is experiencing a revival. Aside from its Michelin-starred restaurants, green landscape and accessibility, the city of “hygge” (a Norwegian word for the feeling of coziness) offers a rich cultural history – being home to the oldest monarchy globally, spectacular museums and fashionable shopping districts, and having a long-standing jazz scene with packed out clubs across the city.  


Tel Aviv, Israel
The nonstop city, located on a 14km stretch of the Mediterranean, is seeing a surge of tourists, attracted by its breathtaking beaches, outstanding culinary and energetic nightlife that rival’s international party cities. The White City, which has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, is named so for the world’s largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings, and as a whole is characterized for its choice of outdoor and indoor markets, chef restaurants, incredible displays of street art and bars for every mood.

Tel Aviv

Dakar, Senegal
The largest city and capital of Senegal, Dakar – a seaport on Africa’s most western mainland, has a target of attracting three million tourists by 2025. Having evolved into a contemporary city with many attractions, Dakar is beside the Atlantic Ocean which is a major draw for water enthusiasts. As with most major cities, its culinary repertoire entices visitors with all styles of eateries scattering most street corners. In addition, African art, local markets, spectacular rooftop views and sites of cultural and religious significance present special opportunities for every type of traveler.

Taipei, Taiwan
Also referred to as Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan intertwines Asian cultures from a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian characteristics. Its functional infrastructure makes getting around easy and contains many influential landmarks and sites, including Taipei 101, the financial district, and Ximending, where a vibrant selection of theaters, cabaret and karaoke bars await. Another major attraction is the city’s hot springs, which are both public and private, as well as a catalog of year-round events including the Dragon Boat and The Lantern festivals, a nationwide celebration.


Bucharest, Romania
Romania’s tourism has been on the steady rise as more tourists discover the untapped wonders of the city. As the capital and biggest city in Romania, Bucharest serves as both a cultural cornucopia and influential business district. Alongside its regal architecture (Romania has a Royal Family), grand palaces, beautiful castles, the Romanian Athenauem and sweeping greenery, Bucharest has acres of picturesque parks and chic cafes interspersed with striking 17th and 18th century Orthodox churches.


Bogota, Colombia
The largest city and capital of Colombia, Bogota combines historical and modern faces all in the one place. Its green urban landscapes, old school colonial architecture and a collection of close to 50 museums (including the renowned Gold Museum) combine as the ideal destination for those seeking an experience with historical and cultural impact. Many of the city’s most popular attractions are in the quaint downtown district of La Candelaria, a colorful region lined with trendy hotels, restaurants, bars and authentic architectural elements.  


Matera, Italy
Located in Basilicata in southern Italy, Matera has been identified as one of the most fascinating hidden gems, and city of culture in the Italy of yesteryear. Sassi di Matera, a province of Matera, was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993 for its “troglodyte settlement” – an ecosystem of preserved cave dwellings, which is only beginning to experience an influx of tourists. Here, ancient cliff caves and cave houses can be discovered, as well as meticulously maintained architecture, stone carved churches and insightful historical museums.


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