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Best Places To Travel In 2020 – Top 7 Guide

Traveling is fun! It heals our inner soul and gives us peace of mind. It is a dream for some, which many of us do not have the chance to experience. But it is not the end. You might be an experienced traveler or a beginner; there happen to be many such spectacular places you should make perfect planning to visit at least once in your life. 2020 is setting in soon, and you should gear up with your travel list of the best places to travel in 2020. Whether you are an adventure-loving individual or the one who loves to get sun-soaked on the golden sands, the list below is just the perfect one to guide you in decision-making. So, get ready with your backpacks to experience the seven best places that are the most awe-inspiring to visit in 2020. Read further the new guide, which is going to be your help at pinpointing the perfect place to go for a vacation in 2020.


Contens - Best Places to travel in 2020
1. Sicily, Italy
2. Machu Picchu, Peru
3. Reykjavik, Iceland 
4. Queenstown and Lake Taupo, New Zealand
5. Cape Town, South Africa
6. Atacama Desert, Chile
7. Lake Tahoe, California

7 Best Places To Travel In 2020:

#1  – Sicily, Italy    

Sicily is mesmerizing, all compact with beautiful island. Sicily is an authentic place having remarkable sites renowned world-wide. The historic Valley of temples located here consists of the Doric temples standing tall, with the breath-taking backdrop of gardens of olives and almonds. Hamlets’ names Noto are well-known for the ‘Baroque-type’ architecture having facades made of limestone. It is a must-visit place in 2020 for both families, newly-wed ones, and a singleton! Every day you never get a chance of exploring the unnerving scenery of Mount Etna, which is Europe’s largest and most active volcano. Sicily stands amongst the most preferred holiday destination for the past few years.

#2  – Machu Picchu, Peru 

Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu has the hugely elevated and artistic Inca ruins, which should always be in your holiday bucket-list in 2020. At the height of 7,970 feet above the sea-level,  surrounded by majestic mountainous terrains, walking trails, and eye-catching, beautiful scenic background. If you love hiking, in and around the places surrounded the Inca trail definitely will encourage you more. While trekking, you will experience the ruins of the ancient era, depicting historical facts and traditions. The whole architecture is still a big mystery to the entire world, signifying the scrupulous method, as well as the efficiency of the old Inca Empire.

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#3 – Reykjavik, Iceland 

Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

World’s favorite’ winter wonderland,’ Iceland is the right place to experience authentic wintertime. The vibrant place with rich art scenarios, stunning background amid the wilds and wildlife, this place will surely attract you. The Grotto Lighthouse, Tjornin lake, or else Blue Lagoon, all these places will make your heal swirls with happiness. Visit the geothermal hot springs and plunge pools to experience something new. You will experience the magic of Northern Lights, Reykjavik is dark 20 hours in the day, during winters!

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#4 – Queenstown and Lake Taupo,  New Zealand

Well-thought-out as the land of beauty, adventure, thrilling sports activities, culturally rich, and stunning scenery, Queenstown alone is well-known as the adventure capital of New Zealand. While on vacation here, you can try to get a thrilling experience in doing bungee-jumping, paragliding, river rafting, and kayaking. The place is a surprise package of mountainous terrains and water. So, it is both a beach-lover and a hiker’s paradise. The whole area stretches more than 600 square kilometers, Lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand, and also the second-largest one in Oceania. The place attracts approximately 2-3 million vacationers annually, and you can also be the one in 2020. The moderate climate makes this place a fantastic holiday destination. This place is apt for holidaying with families, couples, or singletons, planning to seek adventure in life.

Planning to head to Queenstown? Booking a rental car is a great way to get around the south island and see what Queenstown has to offer. Go Rentals in Queenstown has a fleet of vehicles including Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys if you’d like to ball out and book one!


#5 – Cape Town, South Africa   

The warm, mild, and welcoming climate of Cape Town in South Africa is a highly-recommended for holiday-seekers in 2020. The panoramic ocean views, the lush green botanical garden transforms this multi-ethnic city the most preferred one. The perfect family destination, you can moreover visit this place alone or with your partner. If you are an adventure-loving individual, Cape Town will never disappoint you. Stellenbosch is very much known for the production of Pinotage wine. One can say that this city is a perfect one for oenophiles! Do not forget to visit the Cape of Good Hope situated south of the Atlantic Ocean.

#6 – Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert, Chile - 1 Of The 7 Best Places To Travel In 2020
Atacama Desert, Chile – Our choice – 1 of the 7 best places to travel in 2020

Located at a height of 8,000 ft. from the sea level, the Atacama Desert in Chile is many times compared to National Park’s Canyonlands situated in Utah. This place is the perfect place for adventure-seeking individuals. While holidaying, it does not become boring, as hiking, mountain biking, birding or watching birds, as well as interacting with the locals in the surrounding villages will keep up the thrill factor! The historic ruins is another place attracting people. So, you must plan to have a glimpse of the same. The whole experience is a worldly one. Chaxa Lagoon is brilliantly covered all around by common-salt fields, which are hence inhabited by a couple of flamingo species. Horse riding, or visit to the Moon Valley during sunset will surely mesmerize you, once you plan to visit this place in 2020.

#7 – Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is the most preferred vacationing place and considered the USA’s highly elevated and deepest lake. You can plan on visiting this place at any time of the year. Lake Tahoe, located on the borders of Nevada and California. Steep granite cliffs, lush-green parks and wilds, mountainous terrain, and sparkling water will always welcome you while spreading positive vibes. In and around Lake Tahoe, you can go for sightseeing at many adjacent locales, blessed with a fantastic backdrop. The lovely cruises on the well-equipped shuttle buses, the ferry ride or the ever-engaging train ride, all would etch good memories.

Moreover, swimming, kayaking, hiking, paragliding, or wind-surfing, all are available to entertain you during your vacation in 2020. Lake Tahoe is campers’ most preferred destination, as it is a powerhouse of most of the activities one wants to experience. Many of the car campers spend days in a roof box tent, experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature.

Be a perfect planner before you set off to your 2020 holiday

Chalking out a plan for vacation is never so simple, though it might sound one! The world caters to various vacation destinations, which sometimes becomes quite a challenging task. You might prefer to go for a holiday in a cosmopolitan city, picturesque island, or scenic mountains, your methodology for planning your holiday should be flawless. Those mentioned seven best places to travel in 2020 will be a big help in your taking a stoic decision. Stay calm, and plan well to experience to the fullest wherever your holiday in 2020. So, where are going for a vacation next?


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