Out of the Woods ― Exploring the Best Hikes in the USA

Out of the Woods ― Exploring the Best Hikes in the USA

If you’re up for an adventure, we have the best hiking locations around the USA for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Regardless of your experience levels, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a good time in the woods without risking your life or getting to hate this sport.  Although it’s considered a strenuous activity, hiking is a hobby for many since spending time in nature is one of the most healing and pleasant outdoor activities. It’s a great way to counteract stress and anxiety, helps improve concentration and ensures one’s physical health is in good condition. 

What’s more important is that hiking is a social activity because you can connect with hikers on the road and make new friends. So, as you can see, hiking is a great sport and leisure thing to do in your free time, which is why you must consider visiting these wonderful locations in the USA. 

6 Best Hikes in the USA

6 Best Hikes in the USA

#1 The Appalachian Trail in Virginia

You might’ve heard weird things about the Appalachians, but if you’re not the type who listens to things people say on TikTok, you must take this route. You’ll find it in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, which is 75 miles from Washington, D.C. The trail is part of 200,000 acres of natural wonders, animals and plant species that will amaze you, so if you’ve got enough time to explore it all, we encourage you to do so.

Signal might be scarce around there, so it would be a great idea to get a Holafly travel eSIM if you plan on keeping your friends and family up to date with your vacation. There are more than 500 miles of hiking trails within the park, of which 100 are part of the Appalachian Trail, a particular area with waterfalls, deep forests and impressive natural views.

#2 The Halema’uma’u Trail in Hawaii

Looking for something dreamier? Then, hiking in Hawaii is the perfect place for you. The Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is where tourists can get a taste of what a real volcano can do because they can get close to the heat of two active volcanoes, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa, so the place is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The trail here is more approachable by beginners, so it can be a charming Instagrammable place to post on the internet with eSIM USA. The 0.8-mile hike descends considerably on the edge of Kīlauea caldera, so it could get terrifying to be next to a volcano if you’re afraid of depths. The trail is closed at this time of the year, but it might open again during spring or summer.

Best Hikes in the USA - Appalachian Trail
Best Hikes in the USA
– Appalachian Trail

#3 The Billy Goat Trail in Maryland

The Billy Goat Trail in Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park is perfect if you’ve been to hikes before but don’t consider yourself a professional. The trail is about 4.75 miles and close to Washington, so you’re not far from civilization.

Hence, the trail is very popular among locals and hikers, especially since it has some impressive sights, like the Potomac River and the Great Falls Park. So, you might want to be there early in the morning because it tends to get crowded during the afternoon. At the same time, know that the trail gets flooded sometimes, especially at the end, so check before visiting because sections A and B of the trail might be closed, even if the first gate is opened.

#4 The Chautauqua Trail in Colorado

This trail is awe-inspiring due to its primarily untouched natural paths. Chautauqua Park was founded in 1898 and provides 80 acres of hiking trails that are mostly uphill, so you need to be prepared with a lot of water and snacks because this road will be a challenge.

However, you can find less strenuous paths on the hike if you start from the Chautauqua Trail and see the Flatiron Mountains and Boulder, which is enough to get an idea of the beauty of the trail. The hike gets considerably tricky from that point, so only experienced hikers should adventure there. That’s because there are a lot of walkthroughs without any shade, so you will immediately get dehydrated if you’re not equipped with water and sun protection. In some areas, you can bike, but there’s a special area of 54 miles that you must cycle on.

#5 The Canyon to Rim Loop in Oregon

Moving on to Oregon, the Smith Rock State Park presents some of the most varied landscapes, so you’ll never get tired of exploring its beauties. Getting there as early as possible in the morning is advised to catch the geese and ducks on the river. During the day, you can see the golden eagles and river otters, but from afar.

Most tourists prefer the road along the Rope-de-Dope for the best canyon views, an easily accessible area. The area is sometimes used for learning to climb by young people or hiking fans, so it’s a great place to stop by and discuss with fellow hikers.

Best Hikes in the USA - Grand Canyon
Best Hikes in the USA – Grand Canyon

#6 The South Rim Trail in Arizona

The Grand Canyon National Park is definitely made for adventurous people who are not afraid of the immenseness of the place. There are more than 630 miles of trails here, and they’re all going along the well-known colored rock corridors by the Colorado River, which makes the park unique.

Professionals choose to hike rim to rim because it’s more exciting and challenging, but if you’re unsure of your skills and courage, you can take a less dangerous hiking trail, such as the South Rim Trail. This part of the park is mostly flat, but you’ll also see the canyon’s edges through the South Rim hop-on.

Exploring the Best Hikes in the USA 

The USA has one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the world, with immense national parks and natural zones untouched by technology and civilization. Most are easy to walk on, but be wary of risky areas and make sure to hike during good weather to avoid the possibility of getting lost.

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