The Cheapest Places to Visit in the World [2020 - Guide] - Maximum Experience with Minimal Expenses

The Cheapest Places to Visit in the World [2020 – Guide] – Maximum Experience with Minimal Expenses

Everyone loves travelling and touring the world. But not everyone can afford the expenses that come with travelling. The air tickets, hotel prices, foods, and all those things you need to pay for at a place away from home can weigh your pocket down. But you don’t have to break money to afford the trip outside your home country. For those who are wondering what are the cheapest places to visit abroad, we have a complete list.

Cheapest places to travel – Asia

#1 India

Cheapest Places to Travel in Asia - India. In hte picture the Taj Mahal
Cheapest Places to Travel in Asia – India. In hte picture the Taj Mahal

India is one of the best cheap places to travel simply because their rupees only trade at 73 per dollar. You can visit the beaches in the South or participate in backpacking at very affordable costs. Accommodation in India is very affordable, and you might only spend $30 or less in a decent guest house. One way to save some extra cash is to do all the bookings yourself. Don’t go through agents or online bookings as you can do everything yourself and get half the price. Also, hop on a bus or a second-class train drive and save on transport costs while touring India’s cheapest places.

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#2 Indonesia

Indonesia can be cheap or expensive, depending on what you choose to use for transport. You can opt for local transport and tour many places at an affordable cost or stick to one or two regions to save on transport costs. When it comes to other activities, Indonesia is rich in things to do and see, and many are relatively cheap. For instance, the beautiful beaches in Bali will only cost you $0.4 as your entrance and packing fee. Some government museums here are free of charge. Entering temples and various art galleries is extremely affordable. You will also get delicious meals and drinks at very low prices.

#3 Cambodia

Cambodia is a famous tourist destination across the world. And it’s also one of the cheapest places. With just $1000, you can stay in Cambodia for a whole month and eat and drink to your fill. Streets foods here will not go beyond $2. Moving from one place to another is also easy as you can hop into a Tuk-Tuk and the drivers won’t charge you much. There are cheap hotels here, but you can choose to stay in a hostel, which will only cost you $3-$10 per night.

Cheapest Places to Visit – Europe and Surroundings

#1 Romania

On your trip to Europe, stop in Romania if you’re looking for cheap places to travel internationally. There are a lot of activities here and places. You can visit the parks or go to medieval villages and have a good time without spending a fortune. There are free tours for historic sites in Romania that you can take advantage of and save. The best way to save for meals here is to cook your meals if you get a hotel with a kitchen. Also, get a bus or train ride for your travel. 

cheapest places to visit in the world - Georgia
One of the cheapest places to visit in the world – Georgia

#2 Georgia

A visit to Georgia in Europe is fun and extremely affordable. You will find incredible hostels here. The food is also very cheap and delicious. If you want to move from one place to another, use minibus rides, which can go as low as less than a dollar. You can also enter several museums and historic sites for $2 or less. You only need enough time to tour Georgia as it stands out among the cheapest places to visit in the world.

#3 Ukraine

 A tour in Ukraine can be challenging because of the language barrier, but it’s one of the cheapest places to travel in the world. 1 USD here exchanges to 27 UAH. Everything here is cheap including transport, accommodation, sightseeing, food. Your tour in Ukraine is so cheap you’ll even wonder whether you’re still in Europe.

Cheapest places to visit – America

Cheapest Places to Visit in South America - Mexico in the picture Chichen Itza
Cheapest Places to Visit in South America – Mexico in the picture Chichen Itza

#1 Mexico

Mexico is a famous city, and this is can be due to its endless list of adventures. This is the place to taste one of the best delicacies and adopt some new cultures. There are several street foods, including tortillas, quesadillas, and tacos, that you can try out without breaking a bank. There are plenty of white beaches here, and as long as you can afford transport, everything else is free of charge. Transportation can be costly, but you can rent a car for $30-$50 and split the costs between 4 people.

#2 Colombia

For those who love history, Colombia can be one of the cheap holiday destinations to spend time in America. There are plenty of museums and historical sites here that are incredibly affordable. For diving enthusiasts, Colombia got you covered. There is also an endless list of beaches to visit and great places for sightseeing and nature walk. Food, transport, and accommodation are all affordable for those who know how to hunt for deals.

#3 Guatemala

When you land in Central America, Guatemala is also a great travel destination. You will love the volcanos, jungles, and the ruins in this place. The streets are stunning, and the buildings boast of incredible architecture. You can get a full delicious meal here at only $3. Also, opt for local transportation such as buses for cheaper travel, but you must know that they’re not too safe.

You are still asking where are the cheapest places to travel? Well, the list is long, depending on the region. You can travel and enjoy yourself if you understand how to do things on a budget. For instance, instead of renting a car, opt for public transportation. Go to a hostel instead of a hotel or eat some street foods once in a while. Just make sure you consider your safety as you tour on a budget. Remember to share with us those cheap places to travel or tips you’ve used before to spend less when travelling.

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