Dhow Cruise - 6 Things You Should Know before sailing

6 Things You Should Know about a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek

Dubai got 14.26 million overnight tourists back in 2022, which is an 87% growth from the 7.28 million tourists they got in 2021. This number is only expected to get bigger come 2023 thanks to lowering pandemic lockdowns everywhere. Dubai has come a long way from being a fishing village for sure. Dhow cruise Dubai is a unique experience popular with tourists of all kinds mainly because of the level of luxury offered in a festive environment in both Dubai Marina and Dubai creek. Reading this article, you will know enough about this experience you can have while exploring Dubai an amazing travel destination.

Dhow cruise experience
Dhow cruise experience

6 things to know before taking a Dhow Cruise:

1. What are Dhows?

Dhows are traditional wooden boats that have been around since 600 B.C. They’re characterized by their length and thin structure. They’re historically used for carrying heavy items from Arabian states to Muslim territories.

Although modern ships have replaced them in Dubai, the romanticism of the cultural boat serves as a popular way for tourists to have a Dubai cruise in a uniquely Arabian or Middle Eastern way. It adds flavor to the experience, if you will.

Dhow Cruises at Dubai, therefore, serves as a celebration of this age-old mode of transportation situated in the Middle East. Dhow ships add a definitive Arabian touch to an otherwise regular cruise across Dubai.

2. The Impressive Transformation of Dubai

Dubai is an impressive transformation story in and of itself. It went from being a fisherman’s village perched on the Persian Gulf’s coast to a swanky cosmopolitan jewel of the Middle East. From its humble beginnings, it turned into an ultra-modern city with the latest in architectural designs.

Part of its present identity is a celebration of both old and new. The dhow might be an old-fashioned boat used to navigate the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, but it’s able to mix itself with the concept of a tour or luxury cruise so that Dubai can provide tourists with a uniquely Dubai cruise experience.

Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

3. The Waters of Dubai

Dubai doesn’t have huge reservoirs of natural water sources. It mostly gets its waters from an artificial canal city within it known as Dubai Marina. A decade ago, no such marina existed and the shallow waters of Dubai Creek aren’t deep enough to support these Dhow cruises normally.

Opened back in 2003, the marina stretches along a 3-kilometer coast. Dubai Creek, the lone natural bay of the area, can now support many a pleasurable and romantic dhow cruise for couples and families to enjoy thanks to the Dubai Marina.

Thanks to the marina, tourists can now enjoy dhow cruises across a wider, deeper stretch of water on what used to be arid dessert and a fisherman’s village in the 18th Century or the 1700s.

4. The Dhow Is Seemingly Made for Sightseeing

If you’re an avid sightseeing enthusiast who wishes to go off and see the world in order to witness with your own eyes its many colorful panoramas you’d normally see on HD laptop wallpapers, Instagram posts, the National Geographic centerfold, or postcards, then the dhow is a must-get cruise ship.

To be more specific, the dhow comes complete with huge deck windows or open-air decks that provide you a full picturesque view of the scenery you pass by, from hopeful sunrises to heartbreaking sunsets and everything in between the great blue yonder on the modern yet old-worldly Dubai.

5. How to Choose a Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Refer to your travel agent or research on the Internet some quality tours and packages available specifically for dhow luxury cruises in Dubai. Vacationers, tourists, and travelers should compare different agencies to get the best prices for their specific budget. Ideally, get one for families or groups.

You can get a group discount for them. Or find a couple’s cruise if you’re more about getting the love boat experience in romantic Dubai. You also have to choose between the Dubai Marina and the Dubai Creek.

The marina has more modern packages for sightseeing tourists, while the creek symbolizes the golden era of Arabian antiquity for anyone who loves touring heritage sites and whatnot.

6. When is the Best Time for a Dubai Dhow Cruise?

You can choose what sort of view your dhow cruise in Dubai has by scheduling according to the time of day. As you travel on the dhow cruise, you’ll get to see a full view of everyday Dubai life and what sort of semi-charmed kind of life its residents have.

The nightlife promises equally breathtaking views of the city after dark, when all the neon signs are alight. Here, you’ll get to witness the manmade modernity of one of mankind’s most advanced and state-of-the-art cities this side of Tokyo or New York. It’s a rainbow of neon at night in Dubai.

If you want to enjoy the best of dhow cruise, reading this blog post about dhow cruise attractions, dinner and dress code will definitely help.

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