Top 5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Riyadh

Top 5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, seat of its government, and centre of its trade and finance, is also the Kingdom’s most populous city. The Riyadh metro area population is estimated to be 7,538,000. Jeddah, with its metro area population of approximately 4,781,000, is a substantially distant second.

In Riyadh, you will find the embassies of foreign governments, branches of foreign multinational corporations, and representatives of global organisations. No wonder it is home to some of the most notable restaurants in Saudi Arabia. It is, after all, the most cosmopolitan of the Kingdom’s cities.

Therefore, Riyadh is the best place to be if you are in the mood for a culinary adventure in Saudi Arabia. Below are Welcome Saudi’s five most recommended fine dining restaurants in Riyadh.

 Restaurants in Riyadh - Piatto
Restaurants in Riyadh – Piatto
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Restaurants in Riyadh our top recommendations:

#1 Amaly Indian Restaurant

If you are craving authentic Indian cuisine and are in the mood for an exceptional dining experience, head to Amaly Indian Restaurant on the northern Ring Branch Road of the Al Ghadir District.

Imagine dipping a warm naan in a dish of tandoori chicken tikka in rich and creamy tomato sauce, or taking a good-sized bite off of spiced minced lamb skewers, rose petal powder and ginger spiced grilled chicken or masala chicken stuffed samosa with homemade chutney. Of course, you can’t resist their selection of tandoors, tikkas and biryanis.

A lassi or a strawberry, mango or coconut sorbet should be enough to cool your palate, while a selection of Indian sweets should be sufficient respite from the wondrous assault of spices.

#2 Azure Restaurant

Are paellas, gambas, gazpachos, ceviches, and tapas more your thing? You should check out Azure Restaurant at Hyatt Regency on Olaya St, King Fahad Road, opposite Centria Mall and next to Olaya Towers.

Azure has live entertainment and an interactive, open kitchen. It’s definitely worth trying for a memorable evening. Plus, they offer a mouth-watering selection of seafood and grilled offerings aside from Spanish staples.

Azure makes their food fresh. Thus, paellas and caldosos take approximately 30 minutes of preparation per order. While waiting for your seafood paella or lobster caldoso, sample their tostas, sea bass ceviche, Manchego cheese plate, Spanish omelette, albondigas (meat beef balls), Andalusian calamares, or garlic prawns. Then finish your meal with churros a la Madrilenia paired with hot chocolate. Yum!

#3 Piatto Italian Restaurant

The Italian word “piatto” means plate, and it is the plate filled with authentic Italian goodness that takes centre stage at Piatto Italian Restaurant on Said Ibn Zayad Road in Qurtubah. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and café fare as well.

It is not just the delicious food that draws diners to Piatto but also their excellent customer service and unique dining spaces.

  • The Terrace, with its garden setting, retractable roof, side glass panels that may be opened or shut according to preference, and full climate control, provides a comfortable outdoor dining experience.
  • The Piazza, the main dining area, is impressive with its high ceiling, skylight roof and its nine-metre olive tree centrepiece.
  • The Café is reminiscent of Italy’s pasticcerias, perfect for business meetings.
  • Library is for quiet moments. Relax on the couch with coffee, pastry and a good book.
  • Orangery is the “sunroom,” a warm and bright space with a fountain centrepiece; it’s the perfect breakfast place.
  • Little Italy is the place for kids, with a video wall, mini-cinema, pizza-making station, activity books, and kid-friendly toilets.
  • The Veranda is a hip and upbeat lounge area on the second floor; it features an antipasti bar and big windows overlooking The Piazza.
Great food at recommended restaurants in Riyadh
Great food at recommended restaurants in Riyadh

#4 Koi Japanese Peruvian Restaurant

Nikkei cuisine refers to food made with traditional Peruvian ingredients prepared using Japanese techniques, and it is Nikkei cuisine that Koi Japanese Peruvian Restaurant, located at the Crown Plaza hotel, offers its diners. Menu offerings include gyoza, tempura, beef ribs, lamb skewers, salads, and a wide range of delectable sushi rolls. Coffee and desserts are also available.

Diners at Koi can sit by the sushi kitchen bar, by the juice bar, in the main dining area overlooking the hotel pool, or outdoors by the pool.

Taste great japanese food in restaurants in Riyadh
Taste great Japanese food in restaurants in Riyadh

#5 Pattis Restaurant and Café

Pattis is a homegrown Saudi brand specialising in international and European cuisine. This two-storey Riyadh restaurant is located on Takhassusi Street, but it also has a branch in Al-Khobar.

Pattis serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and opens from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m. Breakfast offerings include European options like Mediterranean and Italian omelettes as well as the Middle Eastern staple, Shakshuka, and freshly baked bread topped with labnah, halloumi, and zatar, among others. Pattis also serves salads, pasta, pizza, risotto, sandwiches, burgers, and steaks.

World-Class Restaurants in Riyadh

Riyadh has the largest population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also one of the most popular among foreign expatriates. Hence, Riyadh is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in Saudi Arabia. Start your culinary tour of Riyadh with the five most recommended fine dining restaurants in the list above.


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