First Trip to Istanbul? Check the Do’s And Don’ts Of Visiting Istanbul

First Trip to Istanbul? Check the Do’s And Don’ts Of Visiting Istanbul

Turkey is one of the best destinations everyone travels to and explores even in every season. It never fails to provide beautiful landscapes and awesome places to stay plus don’t forget the yummiest cuisines. To visit the country the second concerning question arises about the stay and what things to do and what not. Don’t worry there are as many top hotels in Istanbul to stay in as you can imagine.

Certainly, to make the best travelling plan you need to know what things you can do there and what things you cannot. Here we have collected some of the facts that will be helping you. So here we go.

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What are the Do’s?

Travel to less jamming area

Usually, in the spring season, people from all over the globe are jammed along the southern shore and many natives do the same. For example, visit Antalya or Marmaris, Kusadasi and Bodrum. Of course, you will get a look at natural beauty, you will hear the language, you will taste the cuisine and you will listen to local music.

Taking your shoes off when you enter the house

Make sure you remove your shoes at the door when you become lucky enough to have anyone invited to the home. Like many Asian countries, this trend is so cultural and old in Istanbul as well. People tend to remove the shoes that they use outside when entering their houses. This is expected of all the people to remove their shoes when they enter the Turkish houses.

Taking your shoes off when you enter the house
Taking your shoes off when you enter the house

Be Friendly when someone offers something to eat

If you are being invited by a Turk for dinner try not to refuse or deny any food that you are being offered. You may be full, not hungry at all, yet you eat some of it at least! This is quite a culture there and you may call It their generosity as well. Some individuals may feel it a bit disrespectful if they refuse to eat so.

Double cheek “Kissing Hug”

When you get to meet or greet someone (known), they are more likely to welcome you in an unusual way, they will hug you first and give you a “kiss” on both the cheek, but it’s more like a kiss and sometimes just touch the cheeks together, and that varies on the individual person.
You’ll notice that males do, but they nod together on each side of their heads instead of the kiss. This happens since it implies that they think you are a friend or perhaps one of their family. It’s actually a wonderful thing.

First Trip to Istanbul? - Check out this great Turkish food
First Trip to Istanbul? – Check out this great Turkish food

What are the don’ts that you should know?

Try not to show affection in Public

Turkey has muslim majority living there and they observe the islamic rules. Though some areas have modernity and freedom, in some areas people do feel offended if tourists wear alluring dresses or show affection to their partners in public. However, on the other side, It can draw unwanted attention as well, particularly in little towns from conservatives. In some of the specific areas, if you are not married, you may even have to book a separate room for yourself to stay. All you need to do is to plan beforehand about the stay and choosing a hotel.

Try not be drunk

However, the consumption of alcohol is legal in some areas of Turkey but not everyone drinks. So you have to be careful about not drinking too much. This act will not be seen as good as in many other countries. On the other hand, by not getting over drunk can save you from many mishaps. You have to stay vigilant while travelling.

Try not to go near conflicted areas

When you enter Turkey, though there are many sights to go and explore them, be always aware where you are heading and what’s the current matters there. People from different countries come to visit the town but they sometimes unknowingly reach the conflicting areas. So try to be vigilant and do some research beforehand.

Don’t fall for Scams

Sometimes tourists have to face scams and fraud in broad daylight. This is natural as many don’t know the way and people of the region and natives may take advantage of it. Cash scams and taxi meters are common ways of scams that visitors face.

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