Is Friesland a lost province? There are many things to explore!

Is Friesland a lost province? There are many things to explore!

A province with language, culture, and history that dates back centuries is located at the very top of the Netherlands. Numerous tiny islands surround it, some of which can be reached by wading through the sand from the shore.

One of the most picturesque regions in the Netherlands, the province of Friesland features stunning boundless green meadows, lakes dotted with sailboats, adorable old villages, and four Wadden islands that belong to Friesland. The province has a large number of canals and waterways but also has beautiful cityscapes. Thus, to enjoy the landscape, car rental is one of the best options. 


Places to visit in Friesland 


 The scenic island of Schiermonnikoog is one of the most popular tourist points in the Netherlands due to its stunning beaches and tranquil atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy exploring the natural beauty of Schiermonnikoog by foot or bike or participate in some leisure activities like windsurfing and kite-flying on its expansive beaches. The best way to reach the island is through a drive. You can also book a car from Car Rental Schiphol Airport.  


Ameland is one of the five inhabited islands in the Wadden Sea, located off the coast of Friesland in the Netherlands. This remote island is known for its unspoiled natural beauty, with over 40 km of beaches, dunes, and salt marshes. Ameland is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who can enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, shell-collecting, and surfing. The red and white lighthouse on the island can be viewed from several locations, and it is one of its great attractions. 


Vlieland is a small island located off the coast of Friesland, Netherlands. This gorgeous island is home to a few people, making it one of the tiniest inhabited islands in the world. Despite its size, Vlieland offers plenty for visitors to do and see. The island is known for its picturesque beaches and dunes that are perfect for long walks or bike rides. 

Places to visit in Friesland 
Places to visit in Friesland


Sneek is a municipality located in the northern province of Friesland, Netherlands. Situated on the Sneekermeer lake, Sneek has been a hub for commerce since the Middle Ages. It is well known for its boat-building industry and continues to thrive today as an important trading center. The city is also famous for its castle and historical canals which are lined with old buildings and dockyards that have been preserved as monuments. The popularity of Sneek’s waterways makes it a popular destination for boating enthusiasts from all over Europe.


Hindeloopen is a town in the Dutch province of Friesland, located along the Ijsselmeer. The town is home to hundreds of well-preserved wooden buildings that line the harbor area, making it a popular tourist destination with plenty to explore. From shops selling local handicrafts to quaint cafes and traditional restaurants, Hindeloopen has something for everyone to enjoy. You may stroll around the old, modest homes, see the sheep on the dike beside Lake IJssel, or immerse yourself in skating.

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