3 Great Reasons To Add Murray River To Your Australia Bucket List 

3 Reasons To Add Murray River To Your Australia Bucket List 

There’s no shortage of must-see spots in Australia, which is why adding them to your travel bucket list is a good idea. Or if you’re already eyeing this country as your next destination, that’s even better. That means you can focus on adding different attractions and must-do activities so your Australian escapade will be as fun and memorable as you’d hope for it to be.  

The Murray River, in particular, is one spot you shouldn’t miss when exploring the Land Down Under. As the longest river in the country, it’s safe to say that the Murray River is an icon that offers more than enough sights, adventures, and memories you won’t easily forget even when the trip is over. If it’s your first time, you might want to consider experiencing this iconic destination by going aboard one of the cruises that offer different packages depending on your preference.   

You can visit murrayrivercruises.com.au if you want to get a close-up experience of what it’s like to explore the Murray River while enjoying a boat ride for days or even weeks.


If that’s not yet enough reason for you to add this attraction to your Australia bucket list, here are more reasons that could convince you:  

  • Delicious Food And Amazing Wine 

Whether you admit it or not, the food scene is a critical consideration whenever you’re visiting a new place. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of tasting what that spot has to offer, especially when it’s a foreign destination you’ve never visited before. With your tour to Murray River, you don’t have to worry about the food situation. The only problem you’ll most likely face is if you’ll be able to get a hold of yourself once you start devouring their delicious food. 

The Murray River region supplies at least 40% of Australia’s food, and that alone is already saying so much when you think of what you could eat, drink, and enjoy while in this place. From fruit stalls to farmer markets, restaurants, bars, and quality wine regions, you bet you can satisfy your palate in every single way imaginable.  

Don’t forget to stop by the Corowa Whisky and Chocolate restaurant, where you can sample licorice and organic chocolate products as you marvel at the renovated flour mill’s charming interior. There are also plenty of wineries and bars where you can indulge yourself in gourmet luncheons and cellar door tasting for an ultimate riverside wine experience. 

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  • Family-Friendly Adventures 

If you’re bringing your family with you, particularly your kids, you’ll be glad to know that Murray River is a family-friendly destination. You can find some of the most fantastic playgrounds that’ll surely entertain your lot to the fullest. For one, the Monash Adventure Park is suited for all ages and genders.  

Kids or not, everyone will have a blast enjoying the swings, slides, mazes, and more. You can also plan to have your lunch in this playground since they have picnic facilities and electric barbecues you can use for free. For some peace and quiet after hours of playing and running around, you can simply sit by the lovely creek as you enjoy the pleasant sight of paddleboats gliding on the river. 

For a fair share of history lessons and fun, you can drop by the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, where interactive displays and exhibits will entertain you. Learn more about the paddle steamers’ history or wait for their after-dark tours if you’re curious to find out if any spirits are lingering at the port. 

Outdoor Fun 

  • Endless Outdoor Fun 

Your trip to Murray River won’t be complete without trying the different outdoor activities that’ll keep you thrilled and wishing for more. Aside from touring national parks for a quick fix of koalas and kangaroo sightseeing, you can also take advantage of adrenaline-pumping water sports that they offer in the area. There’s water-skiing, paddling, kayaking, and cycling. And of course, don’t forget that cruising for the holidays is another experience you can try while in Murray River.  

If you want to take the lazy route and enjoy your trip as it unfolds, you can also try other outdoor activities that are less rigid. You can go fishing on a fishing paddle board or golfing with your gang and exchange funny stories while at it. Another activity you can try is to visit the Murray’s range of museums and historic buildings. Don’t forget to take many pictures and videos to remind you of such a wonderful experience.  

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Murray River – Final Words 

There’s no doubt that you’ll have the best time of your life as you explore the Murray River. Adding this destination to your Australia bucket list is a good decision. With so many things to do, activities to try, and places to visit, the Murray River is indeed a must-visit when traveling to the Land Down Under. Travelers can also hit the road and go on an epic Murray River road trip. You can stop by Yarrawonga for a boozy tasting adventure then head to Echuca to enjoy a nature hike. Before leaving on a road trip, make sure to get your vehicle checked and maintained. Also, consider outfitting your vehicle with new car accessories for comfort and convenience. 

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