Top 8 Places to See the Northern Lights in Norway [2021]

Top 8 Places to See the Northern Lights in Norway [2021]

Few experiences can compare to being awestruck by the dazzling luminescence, the aurora borealis, the famous “northern lights.”

If you’re looking for the ideal location to view the Northern Lights in Norway, then you’ll be amazed to learn that there’s no shortage of places to see some of the most stunning natural phenomena that exist. The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is one factor that is on the bucket lists of virtually all travellers, providing the chance to take in the most enchanting lights show that has ever been seen! It is a unique experience, is it is?

Northern Norway is dark from late afternoon to late morning between the end of September and the middle of March. The northern lights often blaze over the night sky. We are confident that this region of Norway is awash with islands, deep fjords, and steep mountain peaks are one of the most picturesque and intriguing locations to view northern light displays.

Northern Lights In Norway - Lofoten Islands
Northern Lights In Norway – Lofoten Islands
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Here are the top spots to see the northern lights in Norway

1. Tromso

Northern Lights in Norway: The most sought-after location in Norway to witness Northern lights Tromso can be found in the central region of aurora. It is the biggest city in northern Norway and a significant hub for north lights safaris and camps. It is in Tromso that you can experience an array of adventurous activities during Northern Lights, including dog sledding, snowmobiles as well as reindeer sledding, and more. Tromso is the home of mountains called the Lyngsalpene ranges that is where the majority of residents and tourists travel to catch breathtaking sights that are part of the northern lights. Tromso is also accessible from many European cities, making it the ideal spot to view Aurora Borealis.

– Location: Tromso Finnmark county, Norway
– The best time to go: September through April

2. Lofoten Islands

To get the most stunning backdrop for your Northern Lights quest, head to Norway’s islands of Lofoten. The famous mountains surrounding the islands are a steep rise from the fjord, creating stunning effects. Loften is a diverse place to walk, so that viewing areas across the islands may differ significantly.
The northern portion of the islands provides the best chance to see the aurora. Gimsoysa is among the top spots to witness seeing the Northern Lights of Lofoten. Its beaches Flakstadoy along with Vestvagoy, are two other well-known spots.

– Location: Nordland, Norway
– The best time to go: September through November, February through April

3. Lyngenfjord

Lyngenfjord is 50 miles (80km) long fjord which is also a prime location to see The Northern Lights. It’s also a breathtaking area during the day. It is possible to take a snowshoe or dog sledding trip during the day and then look forward tonight to see the Northern Lights appear in the evening.

Northern Lights in Norway
Northern Lights in Norway

A lot of Norway’s most stunning Northern Lights photographs come from this area. Lyngenfjord is accessible via vehicle from Tromso. Many visitors visit Lyngenfjord to stay the night to gaze at the lights. For the best experience staying at Lyngenfjord for a couple of nights to have the best chance of spotting the aurora.

– Location: Tromso Finnmark county, Norway
– The best time to go: October through February




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4. Svalbard

The higher the altitude of a spot, the more beneficial it is as a Northern Lights view, and Svalbard is about as north as you can be. The beautiful island is surrounded by snow between the 74th Parallel and the 81st Parallel; deep within the Arctic Circle is a favorite Norway destination. Svalbard receives a significant number of visitors during the months between November to February. Different natural phenomena – Polar Night – is also an enormous draw for visitors. It is an excellent option for sky-gazers as Svalbard is not open to daylight between mid-November and about the time of the January end, increasing your chances of seeing the gorgeous Aurora Borealis.

– Location: Norway
– The best time to go: November through February

Best spots - Northern Lights in Norway
Best spots – Northern Lights in Norway

5. Alta

Surrounded by mountains all around, Alta is more protected from weather-related hazards than most Norwegian coastal cities. This, coupled with its northern location, makes it a great base to chase northern lights.
Alta is the most significant settlement in Finnmark. The most prestigious Northern Light observatories were constructed in the town at the end of the 19th century, and over the years, Alta has been able to earn the well-deserved name “The town of The Northern Lightings.”

– Location: Tromso Finnmark county, Norway
– Most Popular Time of the Year: throughout the year

2 more spots of the best northern lights in Norway

6. Varanger

The city is located in the central part of Northern Lights Oval; Varanger is the ideal location for fantastic Northern Lights activity during a clear night. The topography is flat, as Varanger is situated on the Arctic coast and over the tundra and Taiga. Varanger is named among the top 100 bird-watching locations across the globe.

– Location: Finnmark County, Norway.
– The best time to go: September through April

7. Narvik

One of the ideal locations to see Northern light in Norway, Narvik is known for its clear skies and perfect conditions to enjoy this natural phenomenon. Surrounded by mountains and fjords, one of the ideal places to find the most stunning panoramas of Northern Lights in Narvik is at the highest point of Narvikfjellet.
Aurora Borealis. With the magnificent mountains serving as the backdrop, you’re sure to experience an even more stunning and magical impact of the Aurora Borealis. While you are in Narvik in the daylight hours, there are other activities such as tobogganing, skiing, or ice fishing, as well as an excursion on a fjord within the Arctic.

– Location: Nordland County, Norway
– The best time to go: September through March

8. Helgeland

If hunting the Northern Lights in Norway by kayak sounds appealing to you, then head over to Helgeland. It is regarded for being one of the top places to go sea kayaking even in winter months; the chance to search to see the Northern Lights on the seas of Helgeland is awe-inspiring.
Helgeland is the most southern and the warmest of Norway’s top Northern Lights viewing locations. The other popular winter activities in Helgeland includes skiing. Rodoy is home to a cave drawing on the island, which is believed to be the first sketch of skiing. It is snowy 12 times a month in Helgeland which makes the conditions for skiing perfect.

– Location: Nordland County, Norway
– The Best Time to Go: October to March

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