11 Top Places to visit in North East India

11 Top Places to visit in North East India

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in India is the north-eastern region, which is rich in natural beauty. Before you visit the locations, the images of the northeast look impossible. The ideal fusion of rich vegetation, dense forests, hills, and snow-capped mountain peaks may be found here. This is a must-read before buying the flight ticket in order to choose which places to visit in North East India.

In addition, there are lovely waterfalls and picturesque valleys which you can visit in your Kerala Trip Packages. The way locals welcome you to the area is the icing on the cake. They are kind, modest, and appreciative of their environment. Indians from the northeast are experts in preserving and safeguarding their natural legacy for future generations.

Here are some of the top places in North Sikkim Tour Packages that you can travel to this summer that include mesmerising landscapes, exotic wildlife, and sites that showcase their history and heritage.


Nature Walks - A must in North India
Nature Walks – A must in North India
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11 Top Places to visit in North East India

Kaziranga National Park  

The Kaziranga National Park in Assam, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the one-horned rhino, which is currently one of the endangered animal species. When you are here, seeing one of these is an experience of a lifetime. Additionally, you will come across stunning migratory creatures and birds, which will enhance your trip. Kaziranga National Park is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the North East and is home to some of the most diverse species in all of India. And the park and its surrounding areas feature some of the top hotels, homestays, B&Bs, and nature resorts to ensure that every guest has a comfortable and memorable stay. With more than 15 lakh lodging options available worldwide, InterMiles also allows you the possibility to reserve one of the top hotels in and near Kaziranga while earning miles for your reservation.

Tawang Monastery

Until you visit the Tawang Monastery, you would not have thought that visiting a monastery could be such an odd experience. It offers the most breathtaking view of the entire Arunachal Pradesh valley from its perch at a height of 10,000 feet. Highlights include the Tawang River vista and the area’s more than 800 exquisite sculptures.

Nuranang Falls

The Nuranang, also known as the well-known Bong Bong Falls in Arunachal Pradesh, is one location that offers the height of serendipity. The connecting bridge and lake make this location fantastic for a couple of excursions.


The centre of camping in Meghalaya is Cherrapunji, which has abundant natural beauty. The live roots bridge, which is an unbelievable outcome of constant rain, is one of the highlights. This place has a very romantic vibe, therefore you must take a quick trip there.


One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in north-eastern India is Ravangla, which is situated in the southern portion of Sikkim. You may observe birds from the Ralang Monastery here. In addition, the dawn from here is stunning.

Majuli islands

Majuli is a unique tourist destination among the top places to visit in North East India, which contributes to the remarkable tranquilly you’ll experience there. This island, which is a portion of the Brahmaputra river in Assam, is renowned for its vibrant culture and sincere inhabitants.

Top Places to visit in North East India - Authentic tradition
Top Places to visit in North East India – Authentic tradition


Guwahati, one of the top tourist destinations in Northeast India and the entry point to the seven sisters, is a massive metropolis that is constantly ablaze with festivities. Basically, it’s a fantastic location to view Assam’s eclectic exhibitions. Your family will undoubtedly enjoy themselves here while keeping you company. According to legend, Guwahati was formerly known as Prayagjyotishwar. Guwahati boasts more old temples than all of India combined, and each one of them is rich with history. When you visit one of these temples, you’ll naturally want to learn more about its past.  When you visit the shrines at the site, many questions are raised about their history.

Nohkalikai Falls

There is a well-known folktale about a mother and her child that is based on these waterfalls, which are the fourth highest in the world. The breathtaking location in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, will transport you to a completely different planet.

Umiam Lake

Another pristine lake in Meghalaya, Shillong’s tranquilly and beauty will utterly take your breath away. When you visit, consider engaging in some water activities.

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Pelling, which is full of natural beauty, is one of the greatest locations to explore Sikkim while on a family trip in the Northeast. The city is roughly 130 kilometres away from Gangtok, the Sikkim capital. Due to Pelling’s fame as a tourist destination, practically every traveller gets followers. The spectacular view of Kanchenjunga Chhoti, which draws a lot of tourists, is this location’s main draw. Tourists can find peace and tranquilly here. Aside from this, this location is particularly well-liked by tourists because it has monasteries, temples, and stunning waterfalls. Pelling is a must-visit place for families, and spending time here with loved ones can be a tonne of fun. A panoramic view of the mountains, including Kabru North, Kangchenjunga, Frey, Rathong, and others, is also available from Pelling. You can take a tour of the town, interact with people from other cultures, sample delectable Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine, and take in the natural splendour.


Roaming in Arunachal Pradesh is absolutely soul-pleasing with its mesmerising mountains, lovely natural scenery, lovely waterfalls and lakes, mysterious valleys, and fascinating flora and fauna. The more you admire its beauty, the less wonderful it will be. If you’re seeking serenity and beautiful natural vistas, it’s one of the best spots to spend time with your family in North East India. Here, you will see stunning mountains and lakes. Adventure seekers and history buffs both adore it. Along with the opportunity to participate in spectacular adventure sports like hiking, fishing, river rafting, and rock climbing, you will find a lot of archaeological sites. You will also encounter numerous tribes’ distinct cultural experiences. Your travel experience would be greatly enhanced by the warm hospitality, delectable delicacies, special rituals, and festivities. In the Northeastern states, it is undoubtedly one of the best spots to explore.

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