10 Best Romantic Places in the World

The 10 Best Romantic Places in the World for Your And Your Couple

Description: A honeymoon is arguably the most important journey that a couple will take to celebrate their bond. The destination ought to live up to the occasion. Even for longtime couples, a romantic vacation in a beautiful place can do wonders to liven things up. In this article, we will present you with 10 of the best romantic places in the world to travel for you and your lover.

Discovering a new place with a loved one is sure to lift your spirits like little else. Seeing exotic architecture, roaming through the magnificent wilderness of unseen lands, and tasting new foods – that is what dreams are made of. Some locations in the world are breathtaking as it is, but experiencing them together with a lover can be a truly bonding experience. If you ask someone to think of paradise, there is a good chance that people would think of some of the places we are about to recommend to you. There is an abundance of beauty to be discovered, and your bucket list is about to get a little bigger. If you are still in search of someone to hold near and dear, don’t fret. Dating sites are a great way to connect with other single hearts out there. With a little luck, your next vacation may occur with someone special by your side. Here are the ten best romantic places for couples to enjoy.

The Ten Most Romantic Places in the World
The Ten Most Romantic Places in the World
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The Ten Most Romantic Places in the World

#1 Paris, France

You’ve seen it in love movies, and heard about it in songs – Paris is a fantastic choice to go on a holiday for two. The sheer ambiance of France’s capital is drenched in romance. The small cobblestone streets, cozy coffee shops, and chic style of the city just happen to create a mood that is elevating and inspiring. Especially at night, Paris comes alive in its full beauty. From The Pont Des Arts bridge beside Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower – the locations are enthralling at any time of the year. An abundance of museums will make sure that you and your loved one will have ample opportunity to soak up culture, art, and style.

#2 Venice, Italy

If you have not yet experienced the charm of Venice, then be sure that it is a must-see destination. The capital of the Veneto region is made up of one hundred tiny islands – contrary to popular belief, Venice is not the only worthwhile place to venture around in. There are many attractions that the place has to offer that include stunning architecture, museums, and lots of canals. Especially the authentic Italian cuisine is something to be experienced first-hand. Other than that, gondola rides with your other half will make for lasting, cinematic memories of a blissfully romantic period. If you plan a trip during the Venice carnival, you will be in for a special treat!

Santorini, Greece - One of the most romantic places in the world
Santorini, Greece – One of the most romantic places in the world

#3 Santorini, Greece

It is no coincidence that Santorini is considered to be the most popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Does this make it the most romantic place on earth? That is best to find out for yourself. Surrounded by sea, sun and a multitude of gorgeous islands the Greek haven is truly majestic. The nightly golden, pink, and orange sunsets are a feast for the eyes. On top of the fantastic scenery, Santorini has an abundance of boutiques, resorts, and restaurants built into the sides of the cliffs where it is located. You can not go wrong with a vacation in the beloved Greek holiday destination.

#4 Krabi, Thailand

If you love exotic destinations, then Thailand may be the right choice for you. The stuff that desktop backgrounds are made of – Krabi is majestic indeed. Any day of the week feels like paradise when you are surrounded by azure water, exotic fruits, dreamy beaches, and breathtaking landscapes formed by nature. Thailand has become a very popular holiday destination in the past years, Phuket being the main tourist magnet. Krabi does not get so crowded, therefore it is a great place for romantic travels without sacrificing your privacy completely.

5 more of the most romantic places in the world

#5 Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

For those who imagine their best romantic time being out in the wilderness, the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa has a lot to offer. Going on a safari out in the African bush is a dream come true for many – South Africa lends itself perfectly for this. If sleeping in a bungalow, waking up with giraffes and zebras in your sight is something you long for then this is, without doubt, the right choice for you.

#6 The Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a picture-perfect destination that looks almost too good to be true. You will find 26 small islands woven together that make a tropical paradise that is ideally suited for lovebirds. Visitors usually stay in cozy bungalows that are built above the water. These feature see-through floors which allow you to gaze at the marine life below. Going snorkeling to explore the sea creatures and the wonderful reefs is a must-do if you go!

#7 Maui, Hawaii, USA

Especially for American couples who want a taste of the tropical and take tours, Maui, Hawaii is an excellent spot to visit. The fact that it is so close by that it could even serve as a romantic weekend getaway is incredibly convenient for Americans. Maui boasts luxurious resorts, a varied landscape, dozens of islands, and an overall vibe of ease. It certainly offers everything you would expect it to and heaps more.

#8 Amalfi Coast, Italy

Fresh seafood, Italian villas, and an air-filled with flower scent galore – Amalfi Coast in the summertime may just be amongst the most romantic places in Europe. You and your lover will get to enjoy panoramic views daily and bask in the glorious ambiance of the Italian charm. As mentioned, Italy is famous for its glorious cuisine so be ready to explore restaurants as much as you can.

If you plan on visiting Amalfi Coast or any other city in Italy, please check out ItalyTravelPhotos.com. A blog with travel advice and recommendations for Amalfi Coast and many other romantic Italian destinations.

Romantic places in the world - Aspen, Colorado, USA
Romantic places in the world – Aspen, Colorado, USA

#9 Aspen, Colorado, USA

For those of a cooler temperament romance may be best found amongst snow-filled mountaintops. Aspen is mostly known as a skiing destination that offers a lot for enthusiasts of winter sports. Cozy fireplaces and cabins go hand in hand with the tradition, and it can make for a beautiful romantic experience. Whether you are into rushing downhills with your lover, or just happy to enjoy snow-filled mountaintops from a hot tub – Aspen is a lovely destination to explore.

#10 Santiago, Chile

South America is known for its hot-blooded temper, friendly culture, and flirtatiousness. Santiago is a big metropolis that is surrounded by the Andes Mountains, as well as the Chilean Coast. Nature-wise it provides a really impressive combination of attractions to explore. Renting a car and going to explore the countryside with your other half will have you feeling like you are in a movie scene 24/7 as South America has romance written all over it. It is sure to fuel your romantic feelings and get your blood boiling in all the right ways.

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Best Romantic Places in the World – Conclusion

We hope to have given you some good ideas on where to spend your next love-filled holiday. If you have any tips, recommendations on the most romantic hotels, countries, or activities, please share them with us. We are excited to see what you come up with in the comments!


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