Things to do in Austin Texas - Must-Visits in your next 48 Hours Stay

Things to do in Austin Texas – Must-Visits in your next 48 Hours Stay

Having to stay in a place where there is so much to do in so little time can be a real challenge for anyone. Especially if that place is Austin Texas. If you are someone with little to No information regarding Austin, you are probably gonna waste most of your time wandering around visiting unworthy places.

But having the right guide (Things to do in Austin) can save you from all that mess and can certainly lead you to all the good stuff. Of course, the place is full of fun and doable stuff but investing your time in at the right places will certainly give you memories that you want to keep forever.

From BBQ and tacos to hiking and biking Texas has it all! “So where should I really start?” If this is your question, you are at the right place. Here we will be sharing the best tour guide you will ever need for your hours in Austin so without further ado let’s dive into it!

Must-Visits in your next 48 Hours Stay
Must-Visits in your next 48 Hours Stay

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Things to do in Austin – Best 10 not to be missed:

Tour the Capitol Building

If you are in Austin, you might have seen the Capitol Building multiple times and most of the time you would have said, “Oh, it’s just another boring building.” But no, this 302 feet building is more than just that.

Not only does it contain the history of the city but you can also explore the hidden corners of the building which you won’t find on your own. And the best part about this is that, it only takes 30 mins to have this history-packed tour.

The Lady Bird Park

If you are in Texas, you definitely don’t wanna miss out on one of the best lakes that is there. “What would I do at a lake?” If that’s what you are wondering, then the answer is quite simple. Rent a kayak or a boat or just go swimming there.

The prime location of this lake makes it the best place for Austinites to visit on a hot sunny day. And just in case if you aren’t a fan of water and boating, you can always go for bike rides around the lake to enjoy the day your way.

Congress Bridge To See Bats – Unique Combo

If you are in Austin and you haven’t been to the congress bridge to see bats, you are definitely missing out a lot. The season lasts from March till November and approximately 1.5 million bats run this show at sunset. The best time to visit would be after 8 pm and just stand on the sidewalk to see the bats.

 If you are someone who’s really into this view then you can also buy a 1-hour cruise boat and enjoy the moment in private and if you are visiting off season then the purplish orange gradient of the sky at the bridge will still give off an aesthetic vibe that will be worth the view.

Things to do in Austin - Tour the Capitol Building
Things to do in Austin – Tour the Capitol Building

Food Streets – How Can One Miss out on Food?

If you are in Austin, how can you not talk about food? From food trucks that are found in South Congress Avenue to the restaurants in the domain, the place has a vast variety of BBQ, Tacos and much more.

One famous eaterie you don’t want to miss out in East Austin would be Franklin’s BBQ. Here the food queues can last up FOUR hours if you are looking for some quality BBQ. But if you want to avoid the long neverending lines.

There are other options as well that include Freedmen’s. While LeRoy and Lewis is famous for serving unusual meat in South Austin so if you want to have something different do check them out.

 Another not to miss out food in Austin would be Tacos. You can find quality tacos at Veracruz All Natural and if you want tacos filled with BBQ then Valentina’s in South Austin is the place to be.

History Fascinates You? The Bullock Texas State Museum

These might not make it to the best places to visit when you are in Austin unless you are a history buff. Here you get to learn about the history of Texas. 

The Bullock Texas State History Museum has masterpieces from all around the world that will just leave you like “Woow!”. If you hae more time, you can go to the Harry Ransom Center at University of Texas in Austin.

South Congress Avenue would be worth it

A good walk down South Congress Avenue on a warm evening would be one to go for. From Mary Street to Nellie Street you will discover the spirited part of Austin. The place is famous for local boutiques, street art and local restaurants having comfy dining experience.

What can I really do here? If that’s your question, then try clicking with the famous “I love you so much” sign at Jo’s coffee, try candies and just enjoy your day out clicking pictures making memories.

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Bullock Texas State Museum
Bullock Texas State Museum

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Now we all know that Austinites have a special place for art. Located in the city center, this outdoor street gallery overlooks the Texas State Capitol. What’s unique about this place is that murals are painted over and over again, so every time you visit you will find new fascinating art works.

The Cocktail Bar You Don’t Want To Miss!

One of the most unique places to have a drink would be this one. Serving their signature drink, Milk and Honey, in a fancy teacup, getting into this bar isn’t just that simple. 

Not only do you want to make a reservation but you also need a secret password to pass through their gated entrance that can only be attained by downloading their app and sharing the code from that.

The Indispensable View from Mount Bonnell

If you are someone who’s not afraid of heights then climbing 106 steps up a staircase won’t be an issue for you because the view will be worth it all. The place is perfect for a picnic as there are picnic tables on the top of the Mount. All you have to do is time it right, visit around sunset to enjoy the best view along with an evening that you will remember.

Texas Football Longhorn Austin Texas
Texas Football Longhorn Austin Texas

Barton Springs Pool

It’s a hot sunny day? Well no problem, one way to refresh yourself is to try swimming in this pool located right in the middle of the busy city. Fun fact, the water is filled from nearby natural springs.

For non-residents, the fee is $8 but if you visit between 5 to 8 a.m or from 9 to 10 p.m you won’t be charged. Keep in mind that foods and drinks are not allowed inside. Though if you are not into swimming you can also always visit the Zilker Park which is one of the best parks you will find in Austin to refresh yourself.

Refresh Yourself at the Barton Creek Greenbelt

One of the best ways to reconnect yourself with nature is by visiting the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It’s a 7.9 miles dense forest that consists of shallow swimming holes, limestone cliffs and the option to hike and bike on trails.

 You will find beauty around every corner of this Greenbelt whether it’s Campbell’s hole or the enthusiastic sculpture falls. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit just in case you decide to take a dive in the swimming holes.

Building Austin Texas Architecture Brick Wall
Building Austin Texas Architecture Brick Wall

Live Music on 6th Street

If you are a fan of music then Austin will surely welcome you aboard. “The live music capital of the world” has so much to offer when it comes to music. The bars, pubs, clubs are all lively at night and you can find live performances all across Austin from Congress Avenue to I-35.

These shows are led by local musicians and provide an exquisite overview of the sixth street for first time visitors.

Finish it All Off at Whole Foods Flagship Store

Now there are a lot of places in Austin where you want to shop but the one place that is a must visit would be the Whole Foods Flagship store. The place is amazingly built and has all the things organic, local and natural.

 What’s different about this store is that it has a BBQ restaurant, a sushi bar, a taco joint, and a coffee shop inside. In the summer, you can also enjoy yoga sessions and even ice skating at the rooftop of this store!

Best things to do in Austin – Final Words

In this article, we discussed how to have the best 48 hours of your life in Austin and how you can make it all worth it. So whenever you visit Texas make sure to try the maximum number of things as they are all unique and playful in their own ways.


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