TikTok's Trending Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting

TikTok’s Trending Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting

Like Instagram before it, TikTok has become the place to find your next holiday hotspot. But with so much choice, what do you go with? We’re taking a look at the most viral TikTok suggestions to see if they’re worth the hype.

Dubai, UAE in Tiktok
Dubai, UAE on Tiktok

The top five trending holiday destinations on TikTok are made up of…

1. Dubai, UAE (81.8 billion views, January-Sept. 2022)

Dubai has done a lot over the past couple of decades to turn itself into the western holiday hotspot of the Middle East. Record breaking skyscrapers, massive gig venues, casinos and shopping centres, and of course, all the natural wonders that come from being city on the coast of a desert country.

It’s a best of both worlds’ situation, which is filled with western and Middle Eastern culture. See the palm tree-shaped manmade islands of Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah, wander the worlds biggest shopping centre. Visit the theme parks and water parks or ride camels or quad bikes through the desert.

Paris on Tiktok number of views
Paris on Tiktok number of views

2. New York City, USA (59.5 billion views, January-Sept. 202)

New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. It never goes out of style either. The mixed reputation of the City That Never Sleeps simply adds to the charm of it. Sure, you want to go out at night, but you know to keep a hold of your purse when you do.

But that’s where the fun is. The Empire State Building and Metropolitan Museum of Art are out and “Frankie’s down the back alley with the best hot wings you’ll ever eat” are in. The beauty of New York is wandering around and finding a hidden gem no one else knows about. And if you’re still worried about your purse, take out some holiday insurance to make sure everything is covered.

3. London, UK (36.8 billion views, January-Sept. 2022)

London, similarly, is a city devoid of any one identity. If you go to solely see Leicester Square or Buckingham Palace or even a red bus, you’re missing the point. That’s the old British identity. The new British identity is shaped by the people who come here, filling London with a much-needed vibrancy of colours, patterns, tastes, and sounds. Again, it’s a matter of wandering down the less touristy neighbourhoods and seeing what you can find.

London on Tiktok
London on Tiktok

4. Istanbul, Turkey (34 billion, January-Sept. 2022)

If you want a heavy dose of culture, however, you can’t go wrong with Istanbul, not Constantinople. Straddling the northern coast, it’s the perfect combination of cultural city break and romantic beach holiday. Wander through the old buildings and markets and enjoy dinner on the coast in the evening. And of course, there is the magnificent Hagia Sophia mosque to admire.

5. Paris, France (33 billion, January-Sept. 2022)

There are so many sides to Paris that one trip will not be enough to cover it. You can go to admire the Eiffel Tower one day, see historic art in Louvre another day, enjoy the street fashion and Coco Chanel house another day, enjoy a pastry on a cobbled street another day, act out your favourite new wave movie, and top it all off with a trip to Disneyland at the end.

Going into the Louvre is a given, but most people miss the Musee de la Mode et du Textile, which holds some of the most lavish frocks throughout history. From the Middle Ages to modern day, hitting French regency and the dress of Marie Antoinette to the most elaborate and, ahem, simple of underwear like corsets. Designers featured in the museum include names like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix and more.

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