Travel Apps Australia: Best 8 toEnhance Your Journey Down Under

Travel Apps Australia: Best 8 to Enhance Your Journey Down Under

Australia has captivated travelers and backpackers with its exotic wildlife, unique natural wonders, stunning beaches, and rich cultural and historical diversity. From the bustling metropolises of Melbourne and Sydney to the striking red earth of the country’s center, from 11,000+ secluded and party beaches to diving in the Great Barrier Reef and swimming alongside the gigantic Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef, the country has it all.

So, is it worth taking a long flight to visit one of the world’s remote yet highly developed countries? Yes! A thousand times, yes!

Australia’s 500+ national parks with exotic wildlife, playful Sea Lions in Port Lincoln, 8,000+ islands surrounding the country, and crocodiles at Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove are all waiting to show you a good time.

Plan a solo backpacking trip to this epic destination or experience the wonders of Down Under with friends and family. You only need an Australia visa and the following travel apps to scout the finest adventures.

Travel Apps Australia - WikiCamp
Travel Apps Australia – WikiCamp

8 Travel Apps Australia – Save Time and Money

#1 Hopper

Many apps claim to offer the best deals for booking hotels and flights, but Hopper has an edge. The app takes the guesswork out of whether you will get a better rate by telling you when to wait and when to book.

The app’s predictions are 90% accurate, and it gives a 12-month forecast of when you will likely get the best prices on booking flights and hotels. So you can plan your trip to Down Under with Hopper and know the cheapest time to travel.

The app is free, and you can instantly track prices to scoop up a bargain. The app will even send you notifications. So, since every bit of money saved counts, install this app immediately and have the best Australian adventures within your budget.

#2 HotelTonight

So, do you love traveling without plans? Or there has been a slight change in your plans, and you find yourself without a hotel organized for the next few nights? Then, HotelTonight is the ideal application for you.

On the app, hotels list their unsold rooms, and you can search for the data and location you need. For instance, Adelaide, tonight. The app shows results with the very last-minute deals for that night.

Of course, you can also search up to 50 or 100 days in advance, but the best deals are the same-day deals. So, check out the app and see if you can snap up a great bargain on a luxurious hotel room.

Travel Apps Australia - Fuel Map
Travel Apps Australia – Fuel Map

#3 WikiCamps

WikiCamps Australia is the ultimate caravanning and camping travel application for Down Under adventures. It is the country’s largest database of caravan parks, campgrounds, points of interest, backpackers hostels, visitor information centers, dump stations, toilets, water taps, showers, etc.

The app has powerful filters to customize your searches and get specific results. Furthermore, the app includes extras like a camping checklist, trip planner, compass, satellite dish pointer, and chat forum.

Also, the app works offline. So, you don’t have to think twice before heading out to Australia’s remotest locations.

#4 Fuel Map

If you plan to road trip the rugged Australian Outback or the Big Lap to circumnavigate the vast country, there will come a time when you’ll be looking for fuel. That’s when the Fuel Map application comes to your rescue.

The Fuel Map application compares petrol prices before you stop. Besides this, the app asks for your car details, diesel or petrol, and initial km. Then, the app shows petrol stations in your area and lists all the prices for the selected fuel type.

The prices are entered by other app users and regularly updated. The app will inform you when the price was last updated to stay accurate.

Since epic road trips in Australia are a must-have experience to take in the best the country offers, this app must be on your download list.

Travel Apps Australia - Food Guide
Travel Apps Australia – Food Guide

#5 PackPoint

With all the excitement of traveling to Australia, swimming with the crocodiles, and playing with kangaroos, you might forget something to pack. It might be your sunglasses or adapters.

Thankfully, there’s PackPoint. This app ensures you never forget them again by building a custom packing list based on the activities you plan to do during your travels. For instance, if you are hiking, you will be reminded to pack plenty of socks and a water bottle. The app will remind you to pack your sunscreen, swimmers, and reef shoes if you are snorkeling. You will be reminded to pack formal shoes if you have something fancy planned.

As you pack them, you can tick things off the list, and then you never have to panic about not remembering if you have packed your sunglasses or socks.

#6 Waze

Waze is a go-to travel application if you are driving in Australia. The app offers traffic reports, free driving directions, and GPS navigation. Also, Waze users report traffic incidents to ensure the information is updated and current after entering your destination. The app will try to find you the fastest route to avoid traffic jams. Furthermore, the app will notify you of any delay in reaching the airport due to a traffic incident.

#7 Australian Good Food Guide

Australian Good Food Guide is an application offering detailed restaurant reviews, informative photos, and practical information to choose a great dinner spot. This app saves you from entering the minefield of websites like Yelp.

If you are looking for something less indulgent yet fantastic, Cheap Eats is a fantastic alternative application.

#8 PocketGuide

Are you traveling to Australia on a budget? Then, PocketGuide is the ideal application, and it will help you get the most out of your budget trip. The application is like having a tour guide. You can enjoy guided walking tours loaded in the application, and by popping your headphones or earphones, you can follow along. For instance, you can do a 2-hour walking tour in Sydney around Darling Harbor. Simply follow along with the application and hear stories, learn about important historical sites, and find hidden spots. All of this through your earphones or headphones.

Furthermore, the app lets you create your customized travel schedule and stop wherever you want if something catches your eye.

Travel Apps Australia – The Bottom Line

The list of travel apps for exploring Australia is exhaustive. But these are some of the top ones for travelers and tourists.

If you want to add your favorite travel apps for Australia, comment below.

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