Weekend in Querétaro, Mexico: what to do?

Weekend in Querétaro, Mexico: what to do?

The travel destination Querétaro has increased wildly in popularity over the last decade. Querétaro is a state in the center of Mexico. The formal name of the capital is Santiago de Querétaro, but most travelers refer to it as Querétaro. The city is incredibly clean and decorated with numerous fountains, parks and monuments. Keep reading to find out what this beautiful city has to offer.

Where to stay in Querétaro?

First things first: finding a place to stay. Querétaro is full of hotels, from budget hostels for the solo traveler, to luxurious five star hotels for families and those who would like to splurge a little. Luckily, since Querétaro is an emerging travel destination, the hotels in Querétaro Mexico are still quite affordable. Pick a hotel in the historic center of the city, and you’ll be able to walk straight into the most popular place to be in the city. For a more quiet stay, you could opt for a place just outside the city center and then walk or Uber your way around.

What to do in Querétaro

Querétaro is one of the safest and cleanest cities in Mexico, making it the perfect tourist destination. The highlands that the city is situated on makes the climate of the city warm and comfortable. Find what you can do in this wonderful city below.


                                                                                                           Traditional Mexican Design

Traditional Mexican Design

Explore the historic city center 

The historic center of Querétaro is a Unesco-world heritage site, and for good reasons. The street is kept clean very well and is scattered with beautiful churches and museums, from all kinds of time periods. The avenue in the middle of the center still has its geometrical street plan, which dates from the Spanish conquistadors time period. 

The houses facing this avenue were built in the 1700’s and still maintain this architectural style. Most of the streets are for pedestrians only, making it perfect for strolling around and exploring the beautiful architecture of the historical center. Listen to the street vendors and try to speak a little Spanish with them. People from Querétaro are known to be very open and friendly. They’d surely appreciate it if you try to speak their language. 

Querétaro has over 1400 different monuments to explore, and most of them are situated in the historic center. Some examples are:

  • Monumento de La Corregidora – this is a statue of female Mexican independence hero doña Josefa Ortiz
  • El Danzante Conchero – this statue shows a traditional dancer
  • Fuente de Neptuno – Fountain of Neptune (1797)

Try some local wine at a vineyard

Many people visit the Mexican state Baja California to enjoy the delicious Mexican wines that are produced here. However, Baja California is not the only wine state in Mexico. Querétaro’s climate is perfect for wine production and is therefore the second biggest wine producing state in Mexico. Querétaro is known for the production of excellent sparkling wine, and even hosts a sister vineyard of the popular cava producer Freixenet. This producer has over 25 vineyards in Querétaro only. 

To enjoy these excellent wines and pair them with some nice Mexican cheeses, you could drive the dedicated Querétaro wine route. This route takes you to several wineries and vineyards, which can be done independently, without a guide. However, there are tours available for you to enjoy with the comfort of a chauffeur and knowledgeable guide. 

Visit lots of museums

Querétaro is home to dozens of interesting museums, for those who are interested in learning about the history of the city, local art, or even about the Aztec timekeeping systems. The entrance is usually not more than 3 US dollars. Keep in mind that most museums are closed on Mondays. 

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