3 step guide to find your digital nomad destination

3 step guide to find your digital nomad destination

The digital nomad lifestyle is fast becoming a new age way of life. The Pew Research Center reports that nearly 15 million Americans are self-employed, with the ease and enhancement of global technology redefining the term ‘desk work’.

Even those who are not self-employed are finding that businesses increasingly support remote work and many employees opt to work remotely overseas for the adventure, a change of pace or to simply step outside of their comfort zone.

Destination options in the plenty, here we break down the factors which will help in your decision-making process. Wherever you decide to go, you would still need services such as moving and packing services.

Take your office with you and meet colleagues on the way
Take your office with you and meet colleagues on the way


Working preferences

An important consideration is the location of your clients or colleagues that you interact with on a regular basis. If the time zones are not compatible, you may find yourself working early mornings or late nights, and not by choice.

“Before you pack up and buy a one-way ticket overseas, do an assessment to understand what location might be the best fit for your work needs,” says freelance writer and content marketer Kristin Amico. “My clients are mostly US based and I found Europe a well-suited fit based on how I work. I’m a night owl and prefer to work later in the day and I was able to enjoy free time in the morning and then set my work hours according with New York.”

solo travler
Travel the world as a digital nomad


The cost of living is another major deciding factor in the relocation process. To help source research destinations that may fit within your budget, there’s a plethora of resources online,  such as Numbeo’s Cost of Living Comparison Tool.

Cost is also impacted by whether you work and travel as part of a group retreat, or as a solo traveler. Group retreats are generally higher in cost, but the organization is taken care of – meaning accommodation, group activities and network opportunities are often include, not the mention the opportunity to live and work with like-minded individuals. Solo travel may be a lower-cost alternative, but feelings of loneliness and isolation are not uncommon for digital nomad.

Mexico City
One of the current hot spots for digital nomads is Mexico City

If you are traveling solo, but hopeful of meeting others, popular digital nomad destinations include Bali, Cape Town, Mexico City, Morocco, Lisbon and Chiang Mai, to name a few. They appeal to nomads seeking budget-living, plentiful access to technology and one of a kind travel experiences.

co-working space
Co-working retreat is the place to find good WiFi connections and meet other digital nomads


Technology access

It may sound obvious, but factor in whether or not your new home base has access to reliable and lightning-fast internet, as well as dependable mobile coverage. If you prefer not to work from home, a co-working space or shared office are common in most international cities and can be accessed for a reasonable monthly or daily price, also providing meeting rooms, private offices, printers and WiFi. They’re also a full proof way to meet others and network.

The digital nomad lifestyle can be challenging, but at the same time, extremely rewarding. Proper research and planning will set you off on the right foot to ensure your experience is both personally and professionally rewarding.

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