Camping Hammocks: How to Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Camping Hammocks: How to Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Camping hammocks are very popular for very good reasons. They are lightweight and easy to set up and offer a number of benefits that regular camping tents cannot match. With increased comfort and better views of the wilderness, there are many reasons why you should try out a camping hammock on your next outdoor adventure. Check out the key benefits of camping hammocks that will fit your needs.

When is a camping hammock best?
When is a camping hammock best?

6 Benefits of a hammock:

1. Trees are everywhere

At first glance, a camping hammock seems much more limited than a traditional tent – at least when it comes to finding the perfect place to camp. Of course, finding the perfect pair of trees is a headache, isn’t it?

There is no shortage of trees on the most popular wilderness hiking trails. Most national parks have a lot of trees, and even in areas with relatively sparse vegetation, there are still plenty of places to hang a hammock. You just think they’re not there because you haven’t looked.

If you’re still unsure, try this experience: The next time you’re out for a walk in nature, try counting how many suitable campsites you’ll see. Chances are you’re counting a lot more than you think.

So, in the camping tent vs. hammock debate, trees aren’t as important as you might think.

2. This means more campsites!

In practice, I have found that it is generally much easier to lock up good hammock tent sites than it is to find a tent site. Trees are everywhere, but so is uneven rocky ground. This is especially true in forested areas where campgrounds have a lot of roots and rocks.

How many times have you settled into your tent at the end of a long day only to have a tricky rock on your back? What about those times when you find the ground isn’t as flat as you thought and are now stuck sleeping on a boring slope?

In fact, when you upgrade to a camping hammock, you usually have more flexibility than campgrounds. For example, when was the last time you camped in a tent near a water source or on a slope away from a crowded campsite?

Camping Hammocks - lightweight and easy to set up
Camping Hammocks – lightweight and easy to set up

3. Speed setting

This may sound controversial, but I will say this: hammocks are quicker to install. Meanwhile, in order to spend less time searching for a place, cleaning up a place, breaking stakes, etc., tents take a few minutes even for professionals.

On the other hand, for camping hammocks, simply tie straps to two trees. You’ll be done in seconds and it’s easy. Cleaning is also quite easy. Simply put, the question of which camping method is the fastest is well settled.

4. Protection from cold and wet ground

Who likes to wake up and find they’ve camped out on the slush? We’ve all had those rainy nights and all of a sudden this perfect campsite turned into a soft wet mess of misery. You won’t get that with a hammock. Already.

5. Comfort

In general, hammocks are more comfortable than even the best camping mattress. Maybe you’re hardcore and like to say you don’t care about comfort, but let’s be honest.

Deep inside, we all really want to get a good night’s sleep, and camping hammocks provide that much more consistently than any tent. So, when it comes to what is most comfortable, the hammock always wins.

6. Price

It may not be the most important factor for everyone, but camping hammocks are a bit cheaper than most tent kits. My affordable hammock setup cost me less than $100, while my tent cost a few hundred. Obviously, there is a lot of room for variation here, and the price difference may not even matter to most vacationers.

When is a camping hammock best?

For everyday hikes in your average national park, camping hammocks are much better than tents. It will never be difficult for you to find a place to sleep, even on the cramped campsite. What’s more, you’ll sleep better than anyone else.


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