Best Spots for Caravan Living in the UK

Best Spots for Caravan Living in the UK

If you prefer the mobile lifestyle, and you enjoy casually hitting the road whenever your mood calls for it, a caravan is probably one of the best kinds of real-estate you’ll find.

There are numerous benefits to living in a motorhome, such as being able to travel around your country, spending more time with your family, enjoying long and scenic road trips, meeting new people, and so much more.

However, when it comes to caravan living in the UK, one of the biggest hurdles you might face is picking a good spot to park your home-on-wheels. There are just so many stunning options to choose from, and the possibilities are endless.

To add to this, if you’re caravanning during the winter, you should also ensure that your motorhome can keep you warm and cosy. While air source heat pumps work wonders in heating your home, electric heating is the best solution for caravans.

Also, depending on the spot you choose, you might have to add to the heating or maybe scale it down a bit.

In this list, we’ve narrowed it down to a few ideal caravan destinations that would make for a memorable trip.

Caravan Living in the UK
Caravan Living in the UK

Caravan Living  – 6 great spots in the UK

#1 Hollands Wood Campsite, New Forest

Hollands Wood offers a stunning campsite where you can escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and enjoy some peace and quiet with your family. Here, you can park your caravan in a shaded spot canopied by large oak trees.

While the kids enjoy watching the ponies walking around freely, you can also hike or bike along the marked routes through the woodlands. The campsite also provides a variety of facilities to ensure that you have a great camping and caravanning experience.

#2 White Water Park, Stockton-On-Tees

If you and your family enjoy water-based activities like white water rafting and canoeing, this will be the perfect campsite for your caravan. The park also provides easy access to several essential as well as relaxing facilities.

The campsite is also pet-friendly, so travelling with your pets will not be an issue here. You and your furry friend can take a walk around and explore the beautiful area.

You can also tour the neighbouring villages and visit the nearby railway museum for a history lesson.

#3 Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire

If you’re looking for a luxurious camping experience, the Vale of Pickering Caravan and Camping Park is the ideal spot for you. This campsite offers well-maintained grounds and 5 star facilities for its guests.

From stunning coastal towns to historic market towns, there is a little something for everyone in this area. There are also various tourist attractions nearby, including the North York Moors National Park.

You and your family can also indulge in numerous entertaining activities in and around the park. This campsite makes for a glorious countryside experience.

Caravan Living - a great family adventure
Caravan Living – a great family adventure

#4 Woodlands Caravan and Camping Park, Blackawton

Here’s another luxurious spot that will provide you with a high-end camping experience. Both you and your motorvan will appreciate the wide, open space at this campsite.

Woodlands Grove offers several electrical as well as non-electrical pitching spots to choose from. They also provide great amenities and a grocery store that is well-stocked with everything from dog food to camping accessories.

The campsite is also home to a great falconry centre and a family theme park.

#5 Baystone Bank Farm Campsite, Lake District

Looking for a taste of the peaceful, rural lifestyle? Baystone Bank Farm is where you need to be! Get in your caravan and head on over to this campsite to enjoy stunning views of rolling hills, pristine streams, and grazing farm animals.

You and your family can visit the nearby horse riding centre. You can also take a trek along one of the many paths running through the farms and up the grassy hills for a better view of the surrounding countryside and attractions.

#6 Burrs Country Park Club, Lancashire

This historic mill turned relaxing campsite makes for a peaceful and educational spot for a family trip. The campsite is surrounded by a beautiful river, picturesque small towns and villages, and a few archaeological remains from the old mills.

You can take a relaxing stroll around the area to explore its surroundings and learn more about its history. The park also offers great facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for you and your family, including your pets.

Caravan Living in the UK - biggest challenges
Caravan Living in the UK – biggest challenges

Caravan Living in the UK – Takeaways

Caravanning is one of the best ways to tour your country comfortably and conveniently. The only thing that can improve your caravanning experience is finding the best destinations to stop at.

The ideal caravan site or campsite should offer great amenities, stunning scenery, and a peaceful atmosphere to ensure that you enjoy your vacation.

You should also make sure that your motorhome is well-stocked and in good condition and don’t forget to compare motorhome insurance picking the best option for your needs before you set off on the journey. For a peaceful and quiet caravan experience, you can also install an AVR unit to reduce the humming sound of the sewage treatment plant.

Go ahead and pick your perfect caravan destination!


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