Extended Stay Hotel Solutions [2021]: Your Perfect Fit For Longer Stays

Extended Stay Hotel Solutions: Your Perfect Fit For Longer Stays

Life can deliver many curveballs that will impact your living situation. Whether it’s a sick loved one or a sudden job change, extended stay hotels can help provide a safe, comfortable place to live when you need one.

Trying to rent an apartment or house quickly is challenging because they require research, paperwork and scheduling moving trucks. The process is anything but fast and stress-free.

An extended stay can provide everything you need to get through a temporary living change or help provide a stopgap in between new living situations. Here’s a look at when you might consider living at an extended stay and the benefits you can experience.

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No matter why you’re considering an extended stay hotel, you’ll experience many great benefits.
No matter why you’re considering an extended stay hotel, you’ll experience many great benefits.

When to Book an Extended Stay

To book an extended stay hotel, you don’t necessarily need to be looking for long-term living. You can book a night at an extended stay hotel for the convenience of having a larger room with a fully equipped kitchen.

Most extended stay hotels do not have a limit on how long you must stay. That means that these hotels can be very helpful when you need temporary housing with all the comforts of home, such as in the following situations.

  • When moving timelines don’t align between the apartment or home you’re moving out of and your new home and you need a comfortable place to stay in between.
  • During home renovations that present risks to your wellbeing or make it challenging for you to keep your daily routines.
  • Visiting family for an extended period, such as to welcome a new baby or care for a sick or aging loved one.
  • For work travel where you’ll need to be in town for several days, weeks or even months.
  • If you’re searching for housing and struggling to find a property that matches your criteria.
  • Longer vacations or trips that involve many travelers looking for more space to relax and enjoy.
  • To seek medical treatment at a highly respected facility based on your healthcare needs.

Benefits of Extended Stay Hotels

Benefits of Extended Stay Hotels

  • No contracts: this means that you can move in quickly and move out once you’ve found a permanent living situation.
  • Fully furnished: you won’t have to purchase furniture or pay for a moving service when you’ll only be there for a short time.
  • Affordable: living at an extended stay is often more affordable than short-term renting or month-to-month renting. And, you won’t have to worry about purchasing renters insurance.
  • Services included: don’t worry about calling the cable company to get access to your favorite channels and Wi-Fi. The extended stay hotel has already done that for you so that your temporary home is move-in ready.
  • Perks: many hotels have great perks, such as on-site dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, free breakfast and access to a gym.
  • Clean and friendly: extended stay hotels have high standards for cleanliness and service. For example, some of the best hotels in Juneau are extended stays.

Extended stay hotels are great for a few nights away or several months while seeking new housing options. Regardless of what brings you to an extended stay, you’ll find the comforts of home with the convenience of a hotel.

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