9 Money Saving Tips to Follow When Travelling

9 Money Saving Tips to Follow When Travelling

Everyone loves to hit the open roads with family or friends. When you are traveling, you have to take everything into account and consider saving money. Budget is probably the last thing one could think about before starting a journey. This is the reason that people overspend which causes inconvenience while travelling.

The world has just recovered from the CoVID-19 pandemic. Now everyone wants to go and experience beautiful nature. But your tight budget could be the biggest hurdle in this regard.

Money saving tips - Pack an Empty Water Bottle
Money saving tips – Pack an Empty Water Bottle

9 Money Saving Tips to Follow When Travelling Outdoor

Suppose you are looking for the best ways to save money while traveling and without compromising on an enjoyment level, then you’re at the right place. Here are some of the proven and working tips for you.

1-   Travel in the ‘Off’ Seasons

During the holidays and major events like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, the flights are so expensive, and there are less affordable options as well. Companies generate a huge revenue these days. Traveling in the off-season creates a window for bargaining, and they offer more discounts and promos to attract more people. Additionally, you will find everything, including souvenirs, accommodation, and meals, at much lesser prices as compared to the peak days.

2-   Save Money by Staying in Hostels

There is no need to spend a lot of money on luxury hotels when you have an alternate option in the form of hostels. Hostels are cheaper than hotels and provide you with almost all the facilities that you need to spend a peaceful night. Staying at hostels is fun because you can make new friends, play games with them, meet people and have access to useful stuff. It is also a unique blend of cultural and social experiences. Hostels in Southeast Asia and Central America provide a room for $4-10 per night, which is a better option than other expensive options.

Money Saving Tips - Avoid Taxis
Money Saving Tips – Avoid Taxis

3-   Ask Local People for Everything

Local people know the city well. Tourists tend to go for Google maps to find hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment options in the city. Why not ask the local people about it? You can just approach the local guy and ask him about the cheapest and most affordable cafés, restaurants, and hostels. Moreover, you can ask them about different traveling options in the city such as local buses and taxis. Don’t forget to use the locally popular mobile apps for affordable food and travel. You can reconfirm this from more people in the area.

4-   Sign-Up for Flight Alerts

The world has changed with time. More and more people are making use of the apps and websites to get offers at discounted prices. Airlines understand the need of people, and every airline provides its subscribers or follower with updates and discounts. For this purpose, you just have to visit their website and sign-up for flight alerts. This is how you will receive updates straight in your inbox. Therefore, you better know which flight is cheaper compared to others.

5-   Cook And Sample Your Foreign Cuisine

In many countries, foreigners are seen as the rich people in the world, and therefore, restaurants and small huts want to scam you. They charge you double and provide less quantity of food. You can avoid it in two different ways.

First, you just have to act locally. You can learn the local language and order food in the same way. Don’t forget to ask the price first. You can try delicious food from street vendors instead of eating in luxurious restaurants. This local food gives you a better idea of the local cuisine.

Another option is to go for self-cooking. You can book apartments for rent in Raleigh or a hostel where they provide a kitchenette in it. Buy your favorite food items from the store and make your own delicious dishes instead of wasting money in expensive restaurants. This money-saving tip will also keep you healthy during your stay in a foreign country.

Read bloggers reviews about money saving tips in the different destinantions
Read blogger’s reviews about money saving tips in the different destinations

6-   Avoid Taxis

There is no doubt that taxis are one of the most expensive modes of transportation in the world. Taxi drivers are known for their increased charges from foreigners. On the other hand, bus and train offer the cheapest travel options. You can find local transport in almost every country, and you may ask the local person about it. Another way is to use modern apps like Uber and Careem.

If your hotel or apartment is near to the airport, you can walk to that place and save some money. This small saving contributes, and lot and is helpful in the bad times.

7-   Don’t Shop Near the Tourist Attraction.

You can find tons of markets and shops near every tourist attraction in the world. Although it looks an easier option and feels great to buy things from the nearest shops but, it can cost you a lot. The price for gifts and souvenirs like white katana will be much lower in the local market in Japan as compared to the tourist attractions. In every local market, people are more welcoming, hospitable, and friendly and offer you a variety of products at much lower prices.

8-   Pack an Empty Water Bottle

This small trick can save you a lot. Water is a basic need of every person, and travelers spend a lot buying water bottles from stores. This is how you spend around $10 per day on the water bottle. The best approach to save money on drinking water is by packing a bottle of water. There is no issue with an empty water bottle at security at the airport. Wherever you find water, you can just refill the bottle for later use.

9-   Take Advantage of Travel Bloggers

If you want to travel to a place and you’re not sure about its pricing and saving tips, you can just Google it or watch videos of travel bloggers. You will find thousands of videos for better insight. This is an ideal approach to knowing everything in advance and avoiding being scammed.

Money Saving Tips – Concluding Remarks

Traveling is a refreshing activity, and people love to travel around the world. You must know the saving tips to make your trips great. The above-mentioned saving tips will work as a guiding star and lighthouse top whether you visit locally or internationally.



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